Nursing Home Fall Injuries in Ontario

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The group of individuals most susceptible to falls and injuries are the elderly. Often the falls result in significant injuries with prolonged hospitalization and long-term rehabilitation. Depending on the severity of the injury and age of the victim, the recovery period can take a long time, complicated by the need to remain bedridden.

Slip & fall accidents can occur on wet and slippery floors after mopping, from spills, waxing, or unsupervised showering in bathing areas. Other contributing factors to falls in nursing homes are strong or incorrect medicationsdehydrationmalnutrition, or certain illnesses. Nursing home caregivers and staff are often busy or lack the training to care for the elderly, while some facilities are understaffed and provide negligent services to the residents. Facilities that have financial problems may have poor maintenance with hazardous conditions including loose steps, floor tiles, and carpeting.

If your elderly loved one was injured in fall at a nursing home or care facility, call an Inland Empire nursing home neglect attorney at McCune Law Group to pursue the justice your loved one deserves!

Common Fall Injuries for the Elderly

Falls to the elderly are more complicated because of the age factor and slower healing process. Common injuries can include the following:

An additional complication for the elderly following injuries is the possible onset of pneumonia or other life-threatening ailments. Nursing homes and caregivers who are careless, reckless or negligent may be responsible for damages to the victim if their actions result in a fall and injuries to an elderly resident. It is best to seek the legal services of McCune Law Group, whose team has the experience and resources to pursue injury cases and nursing home falls. Make an appointment today for a consultation.

Compensation for Nursing Home Falls

For information about nursing home falls, contact one of our nursing home abuse lawyers in the Inland Empire committed to helping clients injured in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Our team helps many victims and their families with the legal aspects of nursing home falls, and fights or their rights to receive maximum monetary compensation for their injuries and suffering.

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