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Caregiver neglect occurs when in-house or nursing home staff caregivers fail to fulfill their professional responsibilities to provide timely and quality care to their patients. Caregiver neglect can be intentional, meaning the caregiver purposely limits necessary care to acquire financial gains or because of a more personal conflict with the patient. It can also be a side effect of scenarios where the caregiver is unable to fulfill their professional responsibilities due to illness, stress, lack of knowledge, or lack of resources to provide the necessary care.

Elder abuse is an ever-increasing problem as the population ages. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of caregiver negligence, call the Ontario elder abuse attorneys at McCune Law Group – . We are ready to seek justice for you and your loved one!

Signs of Caregiver Neglect

Victims of caregiver neglect include the physically or mentally disabled, or those with demanding care requirements. There are several warning signs that serve to indicate when a patient is being neglected by their caregiver such as the poor condition of a patient’s home; physical indicators like bedsoresdehydration, and malnutrition; and empty medicine bottles or expired prescriptions.

Compensation for Caregiver Neglect

Neglectful caregivers range from family members to contracted in-house caregivers, to nursing home staff. Many times, these caregivers lack the skills, knowledge or motivation necessary to provide adequate care in a timely manner.

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