Wandering Off

A Serious Legal Problem in Nursing Home Cases

One of the most serious types of nursing home neglect is to allow an elderly patient to wander off from their room or nursing home facility. This is extremely dangerous for the individual, as they rarely know how to return, are often confused, and in some cases have been lost for days even with an intensive search.

There can be certain circumstances that lead to this dangerous situation, including improper staffing, a failure to provide enough security, gates or lack of standard care for patients who are ambulatory. If your elderly relative has wandered off from a nursing home, it is time to act. Most cases of wandering off involve patients with Alzheimer’s disease, who have diminished cognitive abilities and are not in a condition to be without supervision. The security systems in nursing homes that care for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s should be sufficient to provide safety and care for these patients.

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Justice for Victims of Wandering Off Negligence in the Inland Empires

McCune Law Group is committed to fighting for justice for victims in nursing home abuse cases, including cases in which an elderly patient wandered off from the facility. This type of incident is often the result of negligence and by acting against the facility you can help to prevent other patients from suffering from the same situation. Any reputable nursing home will have procedures in place to ensure that a patient unable to wander off. When they fail to do so, our team can take action.

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