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How Do I Prove a Financial Elder Abuse Claim in CA?

How Do I Prove a Financial Elder Abuse Claim in CA?

Financial abuse of the elderly in California includes a wide range of behavior, from outright theft of property to “borrowing” property from the elderly with the intention of retaining the property due to the victim’s poor memory or lack of will in retrieving it, as...

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Does California Police Elder Abuse?

Abuse of the elderly - whether physical, sexual, mental, or financial abuse - is sadly a common occurrence in California, with reports of 1 in 7 seniors experiencing elder abuse, but it is of course illegal despite its widespread prevalence. When a senior experiences...

Financial Abuse of Elders is Shockingly Common

If you watch daytime television, you’re bound to see advertisements for questionable products and services attempting to separate senior citizens from their money, some of which might be relatively harmless diversions and others of which are more suspect. But...

Is Workers’ Comp My Only Option in a CA Workplace Injury?

Like other states, California has a workers’ compensation system in place to address worker injuries that occur on the job. The upside of the system is that an employee injured at work does not have to prove fault on the part of the employer to collect a financial...

Federal Judge Approves $2.8 Billion Fine in Volkswagen Criminal Trial

The fallout from Volkswagen’s emissions-rigging scandal has grown even larger, as the federal district court judge overseeing the criminal trial of Volkswagen AG has approved a $2.8 billion criminal fine against the German automaker. The judge’s approval formalized a...

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