When is a Parent Getting Scammed in CA Elder Abuse?

When is a Parent Getting Scammed in CA Elder Abuse?

We have all seen television commercials for products aimed at the elderly population for financial products, questionable charitable organizations, unnecessary appliances, and other goods and services which seem to offer older individuals little more than an...

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What is the Difference Between Elder Abuse and Elder Neglect in CA?

When our parents, grandparents, and other elderly persons close to us are living in nursing homes or assisted living centers, we want the best for them, and any sign of ill treatment is a reason for extreme concern. Thus, what label that mistreatment comes under may...

Can I Get Pain and Suffering for a CA Workplace Injury Claim?

Without a doubt, many California workers who experience injuries from accidents and dangerous conditions on the job feel immense amounts of pain and suffering in the days, weeks, months, and even years following their injury. But just because you experience pain and...

For What Types of Injuries Can I Seek Compensation?

As the classic rock song says, “Accidents Will Happen,” but does that mean that every injury resulting from an accident will lead to a successful lawsuit for compensation? Of course not, and most everyone knows this. But, for the layperson, it can be difficult to...

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