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As consumers, whether we are borrowers, homeowners, or other customers of financial institutions, we are protected by numerous state and federal laws that prohibit deceptive and unfair practices by banks and lenders. When a financial institution or one of its employees or representatives fails to uphold their fiduciary duty or acts negligently or intentionally and wrongs its customers, a civil suit can be brought to help wronged parties recoup their losses. When a significant number of people suffer similar harm, a class action may be brought against the at-fault party.

McCune Law Group, McCune Wright Arevalo Vercoski Kusel Weck Brandt APC (MLG), has a history of aggressive class action representation that spans over 30 years. Serving the Inland Empire and the entire U.S., we have represented consumers in financial services class action litigation involving overbilling, mortgage fraud, and more. One of our most notable cases involved a $203 million verdict in a class action against Wells Fargo for unfair overdraft fees imposed on its California customers. We have recovered over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, across our practice areas.

What Are Financial Services?

Financial services refer to a broad range of products and services that are offered by financial institutions to individuals and businesses to manage their money, investments, and other financial transactions. This includes services such as banking, insurance, investments, financial planning, and wealth management. Financial services are crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning of the economy, as they facilitate the movement of funds between individuals and businesses and provide the necessary tools and expertise to manage financial risks and opportunities. At McCune Law Group, we understand the importance of financial services and provide legal advice and representation to consumer clients in business with financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and investment firms.

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Unfair and Illegal Overdraft and NSF Fees

One of the most common ways banks and credit unions make money is by charging their consumers exorbitant overdraft and nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees. When a customer makes a transaction but does not have enough money to cover it, the financial institution they bank with can either approve the transaction or decline it. When a transaction is approved despite the consumer’s inability to pay, the bank will pay the excess cost and charge an overdraft fee to the customer’s account for their trouble. If the bank were to decline the transaction, the consumer would be unable to purchase the item and would be charged an NSF fee.

However, financial institutions have concocted numerous ways to unfairly charge their customers overdraft and NSF fees. Their methods include removing account funds before posting deposits, resequencing transactions, automatically “opting in” to the bank’s overdraft program, and more. These practices unfairly prey on those who are least able to afford exorbitant fees.

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Safeguarding Consumers Across the Nation

McCune Law Group attorneys are dedicated to safeguarding consumers from various financial issues through their expertise in law. With an in-depth understanding of consumer protection laws and regulations, our attorneys work tirelessly to advocate for the rights and interests of our clients. Whether it’s defending against predatory lending practices, pursuing cases of deceptive advertising, or fighting against unfair debt collection tactics, the lawyers at McCune Law Group are committed to leveling the playing field for consumers. By offering comprehensive legal representation, they help individuals facing financial challenges navigate complex legal processes, seek fair compensation, and regain control over their financial well-being. With their extensive knowledge and experience, McCune Law Group attorneys provide a strong defense for consumers and strive to ensure a more equitable marketplace for all.

Types of Financial Services Class Actions

There are different types of class actions that may apply in the financial realm. They may pertain to overbilling or other unfair billing practices, to the nature of financial agreements themselves, or to the management of customers’ personal information. In all of these areas, our class action attorneys have the skill and resources to face off against the largest financial institutions in the U.S. and across the planet.

Our attorneys can take on cases involving:

  • Creation of fraudulent accounts and banking fraud
  • Mortgage and lending fraud
  • Overbilling
  • Privacy and data breach violations
  • Unfair overdraft and other fees
  • Violations of consumer protection statutes

How to Start a Financial Services Claim

If you believe that you have fallen victim to any of the financial service types listed above, you may have a case and could be entitled to compensation. To find out if you have a viable case, follow these steps:

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  • Set up your free consultation
  • Meet with our financial services attorneys
  • Discuss your potential case
  • Discuss your next steps

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the scope of financial service cases?

Financial services can cover a broad range of legal issues related to financial products and services, including banking, securities, and consumer protection.

Potential outcomes of a financial services lawsuit can include a judgement for the plaintiff, a settlement agreement between the parties, or dismissal of the case.

Calculating damages in a financial services lawsuit can involve complex analysis of financial data, including the value of investments, lost profits, and other economic damages.

Serving Consumers in the Inland Empire & Throughout the U.S.

When large corporations are only interested in protecting their bottom line, at the expense of their consumers and in violation of state and federal law, we are here to seek justice. Our class action attorneys are familiar with all the tactics used by banks and lenders and effectively level the playing field by competently representing the interests of consumers who have been wronged.

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