Physical Abuse of the Elderly in Ontario

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Physical abuse of the elderly occurs when a family member, in-house caregiver or nursing home staff intentionally or unintentionally harms the patient. Types of elderly physical abuse include punching, hitting, kicking, scratching, pulling hair, force-feeding and other forms of torture like incorrect administration of medications, unnecessarily restraining the patient, and more.

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Signs of Physical Abuse

Some of the most common indicators of physical abuse include wounds such as bruises, cuts, welts or broken bones. It can also involve mysterious injuries that may be hidden from plain view, persistent medicated states that keep the patient lethargic or unable to effectively communicate their distress, delay or refusal by in-house or nursing home staff to see visitors, depression, withdrawal, behavior changes or inappropriate, disrespectful comments from caregivers.

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Justice for Nursing Home Victims of Physical Abuse in the Inland Empire

The penalty for an in-house or nursing home staff caregiver who commits physical abuse on a patient can include serious jail time and fines. Those guilty of physical abuse of the elderly should be prosecuted in order to not only save the individual from further physical abuse, but also to stop these destructive practices in nursing homes where it can well go unchecked.

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