Elderly Financial Abuse in Ontario

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Financial abuse occurs when a trusted caregiver takes advantage of or exploits the patient to achieve unlawful financial gain. This includes taking money, taking property, forgery of patient signatures, coercing a patient to sign a document they do not understand, scamming or deceiving a trusting patient in the interest of money. Taking advantage in such a manner is a form of elder abuse.

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When Does Financial Abuse Occur?

Perpetrators of financial abuse can be a variety of caregivers including nursing home staff and family members. Financial abuse of the elderly normally occurs when a caregiver has an addiction to drugs or gambling or has a poor relationship with the person they should be providing care for and feels as though they deserve the money they’re stealing.

Family members engage in elder financial abuse in situations where they stand to inherit a significant sum of money upon the death of the patient and thus feel entitled to or want to prevent other family members from receiving their inheritance entirely.

Who is at Risk for Financial Abuse?

While the elderly are largely a target of financial abuse, anyone who cannot adequately care for themselves and thus requires a caregiver should be aware of the risks. Financial abusers often seek employment as in-house caregivers and even physically seek out individuals who appear isolated, lonely, depressed or lack proper understanding of their own finances.

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Corrupt caregivers who are found guilty of financial abuse can expect severe penalties in criminal court including significant jail time and fines. The matter of financial damages will be addressed in a claim filed in civil court against the negligent facility.

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