Dehydration, Neglect, and Abuse in Ontario Nursing Homes

Dehydration occurs when the body is not intaking enough fluids necessary for organ health. When organs begin to feel the effects of dehydration, the body does not have the fluids available to perform bodily functions essential for life. While dehydration is damaging to people of all ages, the elderly are among the most vulnerable due, in large part, to poor health, lack of mobility, senility, and dependence on nursing home staff or a caregiver.

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Why Does Dehydration Happen?

Many nursing home residents become dehydrated during an illness like the flu, side effects of medication, kidney malfunction, neglect and abuse, or any combination thereof. In those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, dehydration can occur due to self-neglect, which greatly increases the need for qualified, dedicated care by nursing home staff.

If you or a loved one has suffered dehydration as a result of inappropriate or negligent nursing home staff care, speak with a McCune Law Group nursing home neglect attorney in Ontario who can build a solid case and represent your claim. This form of elder abuse demands immediate attention from a skilled lawyer.

Securing Justice for Victims of Dehydration & Nursing Home Negligence

When a nursing home facility provides insufficient care for elderly nursing home residents who suffer from dehydration, financial compensation may be available. Victims of dehydration due to nursing home neglect should be compensated for medical bills in addition to pain and suffering.

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