Nursing Home Restraint Injuries in Ontario, CA

Improper & Unlawful Use of Restraints on Elderly Patients in Inland Empire Nursing Homes

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 gives nursing home residents the right to be free from physical or chemical restraints. Restraint misuses can cause many accidents and injuries and may be in direct violation of specific state and federal laws regarding the guidelines of proper use of restraints.

Restraints are used to restrict movement for the safety of the elderly individual. Examples of restraints include safety belts, bars, or a safety vest attached to a wheelchair that stops the individual from falling out and receiving injuries. Other examples are bed rails or arm restraints that prevent a patient from removing an IV. Chemical restraints are medications used on individuals to subdue them if they become violent or uncontrollable.

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Injuries that Result from Improper Use of Restraints

The physical injuries that can occur from restraints are bruises and abrasions, blood clots, chest compression, pneumonia, muscle weakness, strangulation, suffocation or death. A restrained individual may experience a loss of dignity, anxiety, frustration and other mental anguish and emotional suffering. The law specifically prohibits the use of nursing home restraints for the convenience of the caregivers or as a method of punishment.

Misuse of restraints can include tucking sheets so tightly that the elderly person cannot move or get out of bed. Other instances can involve moving a wheelchair against a wall so the patient cannot move. A legal issue that arises from the misuse of nursing home restraints is false imprisonment. It is important to seek assistance for cases where the use of nursing home restraints has resulted in physical injuries or death, as well as emotional distress, to your loved one.

Compensation for Nursing Home Restraint Injuries

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