McCune Law Group Investigates Employee No-Poaching Pacts in Home Healthcare Industry

McCune Law Group, a leading law firm representing employees harmed by unlawful no-poach agreements, is investigating anticompetitive conduct in the in-home healthcare industry.

For several years, the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has investigated illegal agreements between employers to not solicit or hire each other’s employees. Employee no-poaching agreements, (also referred to as no-hire agreements, no-solicit agreements, or no-switching agreements) restrict employee mobility and put downward pressure on employee wages and benefits. When employers agree not to hire each other’s employees, all employees suffer.

Department of Justice leaders have repeatedly informed the public that authorities are conducting criminal investigations relating to employee no-poaching agreements. Reports now indicate that home healthcare companies may have engaged in these practices, thus suppressing the wages of their skilled employees.

Seeking Justice for Victims of No-Poaching Restrictions

Spearheaded by partner Derek Brandt, a veteran antitrust litigator with over two decades of experience litigating complex financial matters, the McCune Law Group antitrust team acts as lead counsel in nationwide class actions for franchise employees challenging alleged no-poaching restrictions among separate employers in restaurant chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, and Papa John’s.

If you might have been affected by a no-poaching agreement between your employer and another in-home healthcare provider, we’d like to hear from you. You may have legal rights to pursue. Please contact our antitrust team for a free, confidential review of your situation at (909) 345-8110.

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