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Breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims are two of the most common types of business disputes in the U.S. These can arise in any industry and in a variety of circumstances, with the ability to threaten entire businesses and their employees. McCune Law Group represents small to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States and throughout the surrounding areas in all areas of commercial litigation, including fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims. We fight for your stability and ongoing success by effectively representing your interests in civil court.

Our commercial litigation lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Breaches of corporate or partnership fiduciary duty
  • Corporate malfeasance and nonfeasance
  • Fiduciary breaches by franchisors
  • Financial fraud
  • Partnership and shareholder fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Usurpations of business opportunities

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What Is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

There are two primary types of fiduciary duties that exist in the corporate world. The first is created under relevant local, state, or federal statutes and under contracts. The second is created as a result of the circumstances of the company’s relationships and transactions.

In determining whether a breach of fiduciary duty occurred, we will consider:

  • Whether the fiduciary relationship existed in the first place;
  • The full scope of the fiduciary relationship; and
  • Whether the alleged breach occurred in violation of the established fiduciary duty.

Whether your company has suffered losses due to fraud or a breach of fiduciary duty, involve a commercial litigation attorney at McCune Law Group and take the first step to recoup your losses. We handle commercial litigation on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay if we recover a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

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