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When other companies do not honor their contract, it tends to feel like throwing a wrench into an otherwise well-functioning operation. Not only is this time-consuming and expensive to deal with, but is also tends to be emotionally charged and stressful. When the stakes are high, and another party’s failure to honor a contract jeopardizes millions of dollars, you need a commercial litigation attorney on your side. McCune Law Group is here to help.

Backed by decades of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements, we are prepared to handle the most difficult of contract disputes on contingency or a hybrid fee arrangement, including:

  • Contract breach – When the other party does not uphold their end of the agreement.
  • Vague contract – When the other party attempts to escape their responsibility by claiming they simply do not have the details necessary for a successful agreement. Not only will the specific wording of the contract be under fire, ambiguity also opens the door for the person who drafted the contract to take advantage of the other.
  • Poorly constructed contract – Some cases involve business people who had discussions or agreements over the phone, via email, or in-person. This is always advised against as it only leads to inconsistencies and disagreements in the future, especially if the agreements are not limited to one contract. If the other party is attempting to take advantage of a poorly constructed contract to not honor the contract, we can help.

If you are a plaintiff suing over a contract dispute worth $5 million or more, we can help. The details of your business are too complex and too important to risk putting it in the wrong hands or leaving it up to chance. When you don’t have the finances to force a larger company to honor their contract, we can handle the case on contingency or a hybrid fee agreement. Don’t let all your hard work, sweat, and tears go to ruin. Contact us today.

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If you are facing a company that will not honor a large contract and you are worried about the cost of litigation, there is no time to waste in protecting all you’ve worked for. We take cases on contingency and hybrid fee agreement. Look no further than our firm for comprehensive legal guidance and experienced representation during your time of need. Enlisting the services of advocates who will go above and beyond on your behalf is essential. We are on your side.

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