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As a business person, you are likely comfortable with the nature of healthy opposition, and it may even fuel you. However, when competition takes a turn and starts to employ dishonest practices to undercut others, you may find your business suffering due to no fault of your own. If so, you may be the victim of unfair competition.

Though it may feel like an impossible situation, our nationally-recognized commercial litigation attorneys have the resources and experience to see you out of these unfortunate circumstances. What’s more, we will fight to hold perpetrators of unfair competition responsible for their illegal and immoral activities.

The following are common examples of unfair competition, including but not limited to:

  • Trade libel – also known as purposely communicating false information about a competitor’s products
  • Trademark infringement – when consumers are tricked into buying a competitor’s product while believing they are purchasing another. This is commonly known as a “cheater brand”, in which various identifying characteristics are essentially copied and stolen
  • Breaches of anti-trust law – in which one competitor employs predatory pricing or purchasing exclusivity to specific materials, thus forcing out other competitors
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets – including bribery, theft, or espionage
  • Tortious interference – also known as when someone intentionally and deliberately ruins a competitor’s contract, by way of convincing the other party

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