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Seeking Justice for Victims of Antitrust Violations

Our free market economy is a primary source of American innovation and prosperity, but a long-held principle in our society is that fair play in our markets is crucial for that innovation, prosperity, and national strength to endure. When powerful business interests, acting alone or in concert with others, abuse their market positions to gain unfair advantages, businesses of all sizes, consumers, and society at large are injured while the few enjoy ill-gotten, short-term benefits. Whether unlawfully obtaining or attempting to extend monopoly power, or conspiring with competitors to affect the prices of goods or services, unlawful business practices injure consumers, punish law-abiding businesses, and kill jobs and economic growth.

One of the most effective methods for injured consumers and businesses to fight back against the scourge of anticompetitive practices – and potentially obtain significant financial recoveries in the process – is to bring antitrust claims against offending market players. As a leading complex litigation and consumer protection law firm, McCune Law Group is well-positioned to advocate for its clients’ fair treatment in the increasingly complex consumer and commercial marketplace.

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Leveling the Competitive Playing Field

Spearheaded by partner Derek Brandt, a veteran antitrust litigator with over two decades of experience litigating complex financial matters, the McCune Law Group antitrust team strives to level the competitive playing field and righting the wrongs inflicted by unfair business practices, while aggressively pursuing maximum financial recovery – including treble damages, where applicable – under all relevant state and federal laws for our clients.

Our antitrust team pursues actions relating to the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Cartwright Act, and Donnelly Act (in addition to other federal and state statutes) involving:

  • Group boycott and refusal to deal
  • Market collusion
  • Monopolization
  • No-Poach agreements restricting employee hiring at other franchises or companies
  • Other antitrust violations
  • Patent misuse
  • Predatory pricing
  • Product hopping
  • Resale price maintenance
  • Restraint of trade
  • Reverse payment
  • Tying

Leveraging Power in Our Clients’ Favor

In every action we pursue, McCune Law Group works to reduce the litigation burdens on our clients in order to reduce delay and expense. Our antitrust attorneys frequently partner with other firms and agree to share risk with our clients through contingent fee engagements or other alternative fee agreements. This way, our clients – whether large or small businesses or individuals – can devote their critical resources to their own core needs while still litigating important, leading edge disputes from a position of strength.

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