Jeep Cherokee Electronic Parking Brake Defects

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, is investigating claims for a potential class action related to electronic parking brake malfunctions of 2015-2020 Jeep Cherokee vehicles. Vehicle owners have reported that the parking brake independently activates while the vehicle is in motion or stopped in traffic. When this occurs, owners may get a dash notification stating, “dynamic braking active.” Some owners experience this most often in conjunction with a “service shifter” alert or while in reverse. Complaints also show that owners may be unable to disengage the parking brake once it has been independently applied.

Some complaints have even claimed the parking brake has engaged while driving on the highway. Others state the vehicle braked at one second intervals without activating the brake lights, causing others behind the driver to drive dangerously close. Despite this highly dangerous defect potentially causing collisions, injuries, or death, Jeep has yet to issue a recall for these vehicles.

If you own a 2015-2020 Jeep Cherokee and have experienced independent application of the electronic parking brake, please contact us by completing the form or calling (909) 345-8110 today.

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If you own a 2015-2020 Jeep Cherokee and have experienced an electronic parking brake that engages automatically, contact us today by completing the form or calling (909) 345-8110.

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