Law Firm Bringing Wells Fargo Lawsuit Over Unfair Overdraft Fees Used to Profiteer Off Customers

Wells Fargo’s arbitration agreement forces customers to bring an arbitration, rather than a class action.

McCune Law Group, (MLG) is now accepting up to 100,000 new clients seeking to join the Wells Fargo lawsuit and reclaim their allegedly unfairly charged overdraft fees. Underhanded overdraft practices have cost customers millions of dollars across the country. Due to Wells Fargo’s arbitration agreement, customers are unable to bring a Wells Fargo class action and must arbitrate individually. If you are a Wells Fargo customer who has been victimized by unfair overdraft fees, contact our team to see if you qualify to recover your money. To qualify quickly, submit your most current Wells Fargo bank statement to our team.

No attorney’s fees will be collected from clients undergoing arbitration or who have already arbitrated. Attorney’s fees will only be charged if signed clients settle directly with Wells Fargo without MLG involvement.

Have you been unfairly charged overdraft fees by Wells Fargo?


    NOTE: Only personal (consumer) Wells Fargo accounts qualify for this arbitration action. Therefore, please be sure that all answers to the following questions pertain only to the activity in your personal account, not your business account.



    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Unfortunately, your account must have incurred an overdraft fee on an ATM or debit card transaction within the current year to qualify for this action. If that changes, we will reach out to you to see if you are interested. We wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!



    Unfortunately, proof of an overdraft fee is a requirement for joining our Mass Arbitration action at this time. If that changes, we may reach back out to you to see if you are still interested. In the meantime, please feel free to reach back out if you find that you are able to obtain proof of an overdraft fee after all.
    Thank you for considering McCune Law Group. We wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!


    Thank you for taking time to chat today. Unfortunately, if an account was closed due to a negative account balance, we are not able to include it in this arbitration action. If that changes, we may reach back out to to see if you are interested!
    Thank you for considering McCune Law Group for your legal needs. We wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!



    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Unfortunately, you do not qualify at this time. Have a great day!


    Congratulations! The answers you’ve provided indicate that you qualify to participate in this arbitration action against Wells Fargo. Once we have received your executed representation agreement, you will become the newest client of McCune Law Group!



    Just one final step is needed to complete the sign-up process. Once your executed agreement has been received, we can begin preparing an arbitration request and working on your matter. A member of our team will then reach out to you within 4 to 7 business days to advise you regarding the next steps of this process.



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    Who Could Qualify to Reclaim Overdraft Fees from Wells Fargo?

    McCune Law Group, intends to pursue arbitrations on behalf of customers who have been unfairly charged overdraft fees. You may be qualified to join this arbitration if:

    • You are a current Wells Fargo customer
    • You have been charged an overdraft fee on a debit card purchase at least once in the past year.

    Submit your most recent bank statement to learn if you qualify fast!

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    MLG Bringing Wells Fargo Lawsuit Over Unfair Overdraft Fees

    McCune Law Group, is accepting arbitration clients who are current Wells Fargo customers and have been unfairly charged overdraft fees by Wells Fargo. Every year, banks cost consumers billions in overdraft fees, thanks to allegedly unscrupulous and predatory policies.

    The current overdraft policies at Wells Fargo allow customers with a low balance to make a purchase that will put their account in the negative, resulting in an automatic overdraft fee charge of $35 per item. Instead of having systems in place that would either decline the purchase or freeze the account, Wells Fargo allegedly intentionally allows these purchases to occur so they can profit from these unfair charges. These overdraft fees specifically impact those customers who can least afford to pay them. With arbitration clauses in place that forbid customers from bringing a Wells Fargo class action, it seems Wells Fargo may believe it can successfully avoid being held accountable.

    For years, Wells Fargo has been one of the most successful banking institutions in the United States. However, in a $203 million verdict against Wells Fargo arising from their overdraft practices, the Judge labeled their overdraft practices as driven by gouging and profiteering. McCune Law Group believes that Wells Fargo’s ongoing overdraft practices continue to be driven by gouging and profiteering off customers.

    If you believe you have been victimized by Wells Fargo’s overdraft fees and would like to join the Wells Fargo lawsuit, submit your most current bank statement to our team so we can quickly process your claim. Once submitted, you could qualify to join this arbitration.

    Fighting Back Against Illegal and Unfair Bank Fees

    Contact Us to Recover Your Fees!

    What Will be the Claim Process? 

    Because Wells Fargo insists in its account agreement and in response to class action lawsuits that all claims must be handled individually in arbitration (private litigation), McCune Law Group, has decided to take on the huge task of representing 100,000 clients as individuals in arbitration. If you qualify, you will be represented by MLG and all relevant charges will be collected from Wells Fargo.

    How Does Arbitration Work?

    Arbitration settles disputes outside of the courtroom. All proceedings are private, and the matter is decided by an arbitrator, instead of a judge. Unfortunately, it is now becoming common practice for banks to include arbitration clauses in their agreements with customers. These clauses force the customer to take their claim privately and out of the spotlight. Banks do this in hopes of skewing customers away from bringing claims or class action lawsuits against them. MLG believes that attempting to skirt taking responsibility is unacceptable. MLG is committed to representing Wells Fargo Bank clients as individuals in arbitration to recover overdraft fees.

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    Case Results

    $35 Million

    Class Action

    National class action settlement for unfair overdraft fees

    $70 Million

    Class Action

    A national class action settlement for unfair overdraft fees

    $203 Million

    Class Action

    Trial verdict in a class action for unfair bank overdraft fees

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    McCune Law Group, (MLG) has a long history of success holding banks and credit unions accountable for their unfair or illegal practices, including a $203 million verdict against Wells Fargo itself. The Financial Services attorneys of MLG believe big banks should never be able to just take their customers’ hard-earned money when they are not legally entitled to collect overdraft fees.

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