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If You Were a Medicare Recipient Who Has Had Improper Liens Asserted Against You by A Healthcare Provider, Our Lawyers May Be Able to Help

As you have probably experienced, every healthcare bill in America has two separate charges on it. The first charge is what the healthcare provider wants to charge for its services. The second is what the healthcare provider actually charges based on agreements it has already entered into with your insurance provider. When healthcare providers contract with government insurance programs like Medicaid or Medicare, they agree only to collect the agreed-upon reimbursement rates from those programs. The hospital is not supposed to bill you for any more money than what it collects from Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance programs.

Unlawful and Predatory Business Practices

Notwithstanding these rules, healthcare providers are becoming more creative when attempting to obtain revenues from Californians. One rapidly growing scheme is that California patients who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time as accident victims are targeted by healthcare providers who assert false liens against any subsequent settlement they may reach with the party that caused the accident. Healthcare providers threaten these alleged liens because it creates leverage by delaying a patient’s recovery. The patient all too often responds by agreeing to allow the healthcare provider to collect at least part of the lien amount.

McCune Law Group, has already filed one lawsuit against such unfair practices as this. That lawsuit describes how St. Joseph Hospital-Orange has retained third-party agent and debt collector Paratus Partners LLC, to recover additional funds from hospital patients outside of the agreed-upon Medicare reimbursement rates. Just as described above, St. Joseph and Paratus have asserted nonexistent liens against an accident victim in an attempt to leverage those alleged liens against the victim’s settlement. McCune Law Group is investigating further action against St. Joseph, Paratus, and other healthcare providers and their agents that engage in these practices.

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Serving and Protecting California Consumers

The consumer fraud class action attorneys at McCune Law Group have decades of experience in successfully litigating class actions against some of the biggest corporations in the world, winning significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients just like you.

How We Can Help Consumers Like You

Class action lawsuits allow consumers across the country to consolidate their claims into one action when it would be impractical for each consumer to bring his or her own lawsuit. The individual damages each consumer suffers may be relatively small (although in many cases they can be quite significant), but, because the facts and law are similar among the individual claims, one firm can represent the entire class in proving the claims in court, recovering monetary damages for all consumers, and holding the offending companies accountable for their unfair, deceptive, and illegal business practices.

If you have had a healthcare provider assert a bad-faith lien against your accident settlement or judgment, our class action lawyers want to help. Call our firm at (909) 345-8110 today to help us investigate this abusive business practice.

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