Demand for Contingency Fees in Business Litigation is Growing

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With the events of the pandemic and recession hitting the business world hard, the demand for contingency fees in business litigation is rising. Previously, large corporations who acted in bad faith against smaller companies could quash any legal claims through sheer size and funding. In the pricey realm of legal representation, the contingent fee system acts as an equalizer. The contingency fee is designed to expand access to legal services for those without the financial means. In most cases, the plaintiff is only responsible for paying their attorney if they win the case with the payment coming as a percentage of the winnings. The cost of pursuing trial, especially against massive corporations, makes contingency fees attractive for small businesses. Now with an economic downturn on the horizon, contingency fees are seeing a steep rise in demand. Most small- to medium-sized business owners do not have the financial capabilities to pursue trial even when they’re in the right.   

It’s no secret attorney fees are expensive and that, often, the deepest pockets buy the best representation. Now with recession worries weighing heavy on business owners’ minds, contingency fees offer a chance for people to pursue justice even against the largest corporations. Without contingency fees, most people would not have the means to access the legal system, putting the legal scale out of balance and in favor to those who are more financially able to handle those situations. Using contingency fees also adds a layer of protection against “frivolous lawsuits” for many people and businesses. Contingency fee lawyers will not take a case unless it has reasonable merit. They will not invest their time and other resources into a case unless there is a good chance of winning, ensuring the attorney’s and client’s goals are in perfect alignment. These fees also help lower the number of lawsuits filed, saving time and resources for the backlogged court system. 

Contingency Fees Can Help Everyone 

Not only do contingency fees help people involved in the business world, but they also help others as well, as contingency fees make sure that the lawyer’s interests are closely related to their clients. When both interests are aligned, it makes for a speedy case resolution where everyone saves money and time. Contingency fees level the legal playing field, preventing the biggest and richest entities from controlling the distribution of justice. Contingency fees offer equal footing in the courts systems between the wealthy and powerful and the average person. 

McCune Law Group Represents Those in Need 

If you are a small- to medium-sized business owner who needs legal representation, a contingency commercial litigation attorney from MLG can offer you a fighting chance. We’ve recovered millions in settlements or verdicts on behalf of businesses, consumer classes, and more. When you have a contingency law firm on your side, you have a firm that offers a streamlined decision-making process and an honest team of representatives. The contingency attorneys at McCune Law Group can help walk you through the process, so you have all the facts in front of you.  

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