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At MLG, we understand the complexities and challenges that successful business owners face when forced out of their own business by unscrupulous co-owners or predatory practices by big business. Just like our clients in their business, our team of attorneys pride themselves on getting results for our clients. Our California Commercial Litigation Attorneys are experienced in assisting clients in significant commercial litigation for shareholders of successful small- to medium-sized businesses. That experience includes multiple verdicts for shareholders or owners ousted from their business by a greedy co-owner. Our history of success involves obtaining substantial settlements and trial verdicts, including obtaining both a $26 million verdict and a $5.2 million verdict on behalf of a shareholder of a company who was defrauded out of their interest in the company. If you are the owner or co-owner of a small- or mid-sized company that has a large claim against another company, please contact our team at MLG. It is likely we have successfully handled a similar case and will be glad to share our experience and history of success in your type of case. 

Areas of Expertise

With years of experience and a deep understanding of California’s legal framework, our attorneys possess the expertise to navigate even the most intricate commercial litigation cases.

Our firm has invaluable experience litigating the following types of claims:

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Working With a Contingency Law Firm

When your small- or medium-sized business has been substantially harmed by another business, often larger and more influential, you need a lawyer that can get results. Unfortunately, the best attorneys often don’t come cheap, potentially charging millions of dollars in fees. As the pandemic and recession hit small- and medium-sized businesses the hardest, the demand for contingency law firms is rising. The cost of pursuing trials, especially against massive corporations, makes contingency fee structures attractive for small businesses. Now with business uncertainty on the horizon, contingency law firms are seeing a steep rise in demand to pursue their rights from a powerful law firm that can handle their substantial damage case on a contingency basis. Most small- to medium-sized business owners do not have the financial capabilities to pursue a case on an hourly basis, and the bigger business knows that and uses their ability to fund litigation to drain the resources of the smaller business and win by default.  

Luckily, business owners who need top-tier representation but can’t afford to shell out that kind of money have options. Some businesses explore funding commercial litigation by a litigation funding company (LFC). LFCs are the middlemen that connect clients and attorneys, taking their share in fees in exchange for covering the upfront costs of retaining a separate law firm for representation. 

There are many problems with using a litigation funder. The greatest is the over-the-top due diligence process that takes months to complete requiring layers and layers of management approval. Then after all of that, litigation funding companies are notoriously for rejecting the deal after the business owner has spent months giving information to the litigation funder. In contrast, with the contingency firm, you are talking with the lawyer that is making the decision to go forward or not, and the process is much more streamlined and takes days or weeks to make decisions – not months.   

The additional problem with litigation funding is when trial or settlement decisions are made, the litigation funding company tends to control those conversations and the set up means that they are often more focused on getting their investment return than maximizing the recovery to the client.   In contrast, with a contingency law firm, they get more money if the client gets more money, so their interest is aligned with the client. Contingency law firms cut out the middleman by offering representation for clients and only receiving payment if they win the case. 

In most cases, hiring a contingency law firm is the most efficient and best course of action. Contingency law firms benefit the client since they often share the same goal – the largest recovery possible. Contingency attorneys already have an incentive to for results and not just inflating the bills. Because your attorney will not receive compensation unless you win, you can trust your contingency litigation attorney will fight for your best interests and most money 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contingency commercial litigation, and how does it work in California?

Contingency commercial litigation is a fee arrangement where attorneys represent clients in commercial litigation matters without requiring upfront payment for legal services. Instead, attorneys receive a percentage of the compensation recovered if the case is successful. In California, contingency fee agreements are governed by ethical rules and statutes that ensure fairness and transparency in attorney-client relationships. These agreements allow businesses, regardless of size or financial resources, to pursue legal action without the burden of paying hourly fees, making legal representation accessible to all.

Yes, businesses with existing legal representation can explore the possibility of switching to a contingency fee arrangement for ongoing commercial litigation cases in California. However, it’s essential to consider any contractual obligations or financial implications associated with terminating the current legal representation. Additionally, businesses should carefully evaluate the potential benefits and risks of transitioning to a contingency fee agreement, including the impact on case strategy, attorney-client dynamics, and fee structure. Consulting with experienced team members from MLG can help businesses assess their options and make informed decisions about their legal representation.

The timeline for resolving a commercial litigation case on a contingency fee basis in California can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the willingness of the parties to negotiate, and court scheduling. Some cases may be resolved through settlement negotiations or alternative dispute resolution methods relatively quickly, while others may require more time for discovery, motion practice, and trial preparation. Experienced contingency commercial litigation attorneys can provide clients with realistic expectations regarding the timeline for their case based on the specific circumstances and complexities involved.

In contingency fee arrangements for commercial litigation cases in California, the attorney and client typically agree upon a percentage of the recovery that the attorney will receive if the case is successful. This percentage is negotiated between the attorney and client and may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, the likelihood of success, and the potential damages recoverable. Attorneys often consider the risks involved in litigating the case on a contingency basis, as well as the resources and expertise required to pursue the matter effectively. The goal is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that aligns the interests of both parties.

How to Start a Potential Commercial Litigation Case

A commercial litigation case can become complex quickly. It is recommended that you seek the aid of an experienced MLG contingent Commercial Litigation attorney. Our experienced counsel will guide you through the legal process. Here is what you can expect:

Step 1: Research and Gather Information – Before reaching out, gather all relevant information about your case. This includes details about the incident and information about any other parties involved. Take note of the date, time, and location of the incident.  

Step 2: Call or Complete the Form for Initial Evaluation– Use the provided phone number or online form to contact our team. You may find it helpful to prepare a summary of your case before making the call or completing the form. This will ensure you provide essential details of the case efficiently.      

Step 3: Schedule a Free Evaluation– Request a free evaluation to discuss your case in detail. We offer free initial evaulations to assess the viability of your case. During this meeting, you can share the specifics of your situation, ask questions, and get a better understanding of how our team can assist you in a lawsuit.      

Step 4: Prepare for the Evaluation – Before the scheduled evaluation, organize all relevant documents and be prepared to articulate the details of your case clearly. This will help our team assess the merits of your case more effectively. During the evaluation, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the legal process, potential outcomes, and our approach to commercial litigation lawsuits.

California’s Leaders in Contingency Commercial Litigation

If your business is facing commercial litigation challenges in California, don’t hesitate to reach out to McCune Law Group for expert legal representation. We’ve recovered millions in settlements or verdicts on behalf of government entities, shareholders, businesses, consumer classes, and more. Among our greatest successes are those against Fortune 500 organizations, including Wells Fargo Bank and Hyundai Motors. Still not sure if you need a contingency law firm or an LFC? The experienced contingency Commercial Litigation attorneys at McCune Law Group can help walk you through the contingency process, so you have all the facts before deciding.

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