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Class action lawsuits are a form of litigation in which several parties who have suffered similar injuries band together to sue on behalf of a larger group. The group of injured people is known as a “class.” Private individuals seldom have the resources to take on multi-billion dollar corporations individually in court. Class actions provide a means by which the “little guy” can seek justice. If you have grounds for class action litigation, you need legal assistance from a true legal professional with a history of success in class action cases.

Our experienced complex litigation attorneys at McCuneWright LLP have a successful track record representing clients in class action litigation, including cases involving consumer fraud and employee rights violations. As an example of our work, we won a $203 million trial verdict in a class action for unfair bank overdraft fees. When you come to our firm for legal assistance with class action litigation, you can have confidence that you are working with the pros.

Purpose of Class Action Litigation

Class actions are a legal means to achieve fairness in our society. When individuals are harmed by fraud or unfair practices on the part of large corporations, the cost of litigation may be prohibitive. However, when several individuals band together and sue on behalf of an entire group, the total damages can be enormous, often tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and large corporations are forced to take notice and cease the fraudulent or unfair practices.

Another purpose served by class action litigation is that it provides a means for an individual who has been seriously injured by a large corporation to seek compensation. Huge corporate entities have vast resources and teams of lawyers at their disposal. A class action is one of the few remedies a small claimant has against such an opponent.

Types of Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation is brought by various classes for a number of reasons. Examples include:

  • Defective products that fail to perform as they are supposed to perform, and cause injury to consumers in some cases.
  • False advertising in which false claims are made for products or services that fail to deliver.
  • Manipulative business practices in which individuals are coerced or manipulated into transactions that are not in their best interests.
  • Securities fraud in which investors lose their savings because of the fraudulent actions of senior executives of publicly traded companies.
  • Employee discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, or other protected classes under federal law, committed by corporate employers.

Professional Legal Assistance in Class Action Litigation

Our legal team at McCuneWright LLP is comprised of an outstanding group of experienced trial attorneys. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in complex litigation, including prevailing in class action lawsuits. Among other complex litigation matters, we focus our practice on a range of class action litigation matters, including consumer fraud and employee rights violations.

Our offices are located in Redlands, California on the West Coast and in Berwyn, Pennsylvania on the East Coast. With more than 25 years providing accomplished, professional litigation services, we have established a reputation as a premier complex litigation law firm. Contact us for help from the pros in any class action litigation matter.

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