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With decades of experience and an impressive record of results, the attorneys of McCune Law Group are a respected choice for legal counsel in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. We have achieved this reputation by consistently winning large verdicts and settlements for our clients. In fact, we have recovered over $1 billion across our practice areas for the injured and wronged.

At MLG, our lawyers understand the devastating impact that nursing home abuse can have on vulnerable individuals and their families. Nursing home abuse encompasses various forms of mistreatment, such as physical, emotional, sexual, financial exploitation, neglect, and more. These heinous acts can occur due to a lack of proper care, understaffing, inadequate training, or negligence on the part of the facility’s management. We prioritize transparency and integrity in all our case matters, not our egos. That is why MLG comes so highly recommended by our former clients.

While some of these types of nursing home abuse may not leave physical marks, they are just as harmful and can severely affect the quality of your loved one’s life. Keeping a close eye on your loved one in a nursing home or care facility is the best way to help with their safety.

Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

Understanding the distinct types of nursing home abuse is essential to recognizing the problems in your life. This is especially true if you have a loved one in a nursing home facility or another type of care facility. According to Nursing Home Abuse Justice, roughly 85% of assisted living facilities reported at least one case of abuse or neglect. Physical injuries tend to come to mind when one thinks of elder abuse in nursing homes. However, nursing home abuse can include other forms of abuse that may not always be physical. Other forms of abuse include:

While some of these types of nursing home abuse may not leave physical marks, they are just as harmful and can severely affect the quality of your loved one’s life. Keeping a close eye on your loved one in a nursing home or care facility is the best way to help with their safety.

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Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can have numerous root causes, including:

  • Staffing Issues: When nursing homes are understaffed, caregivers may become overwhelmed and unable to provide adequate care to all residents, leading to neglect or abuse.
  • Inadequate Training: Insufficient training of staff can result in a lack of knowledge of how to manage residents with specific needs, potentially leading to accidents or mistreatment.
  • Poor Management: Facilities with ineffective management may fail to address complaints, implement proper protocols, or maintain a safe and secure environment.
  • Unqualified Caregivers: Hiring unqualified or improperly screened staff may put residents at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • Overcrowding: Overcrowded facilities may struggle to meet the needs of all residents, leading to substandard care.

If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse in Beaumont, CA, our experienced, knowledgeable lawyers are here to fight for justice on your behalf. We believe that those responsible for causing harm should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and we are dedicated to seeking the compensation you deserve.

What Are the Most Common Nursing Home Warning Signs?

As our loved ones age, it can become difficult to provide the care they need, especially while caring for your own family as well. Making the decision to enlist for the help of a nursing home is never easy, but you go to great lengths to ensure you choose the absolute best. When you entrust your loved one to a nursing facility, you rightly expect your loved ones are receiving proper care. Unfortunately, in many care facilities, that is not the case. Abuse or neglect are becoming more commonplace in nursing homes due to poor staffing and funding, yet spotting the signs is not always easy. There are a few red flags to look for when you suspect your loved ones are being subjected to abuse:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Malnutrition
  • Avoiding certain staff
  • Visible bruising or lacerations

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse encompasses various forms of mistreatment, including physical, emotional, sexual, financial exploitation, and neglect. If your loved one is residing in a nursing home and has experienced any form of harm due to the facility’s actions or negligence, they may be a victim of nursing home abuse. Our Beaumont, CA, lawyers at MLG are experienced in managing nursing home abuse cases and can provide you with guidance and support in seeking justice for your loved one.

Nursing home abuse can result from several factors, including understaffing, inadequate training, poor management, and the presence of unqualified caregivers. When a facility fails to provide the necessary care and attention to residents, it puts them at risk of mistreatment or neglect. Identifying the root cause of nursing home abuse is crucial in holding the responsible parties accountable.

Our Beaumont, CA, lawyers are here to support you and your family during this challenging time with our experience and understanding. We recognize the emotional toll nursing home abuse can take and are dedicated to tirelessly seeking justice on your behalf. Our legal team will conduct a thorough investigation, gather evidence, and work with medical experts to build a robust case. We will provide you with expert guidance, ensuring you understand your rights and options. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and seek the compensation your loved one deserves.

In nursing home abuse cases, victims and their families may be entitled to several types of compensation. These damages can include coverage for medical expenses, both past, and future, rehabilitation, therapy, and other necessary medical services. Additionally, victims may receive compensation for the physical and emotional suffering endured due to the abuse. Lost income or earning capacity resulting from the abuse may also be considered in the compensation claim. In cases of extreme negligence or intentional harm, punitive damages may be pursued to deter future misconduct.

If you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse in Beaumont, CA, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney for a free consultation. You can contact us through our website or by calling our office directly. During the consultation, our legal team will listen to your story, assess the potential case, and provide you with an understanding of your legal options. We will guide you through the process and help you take the necessary steps to seek justice and compensation for your loved one’s suffering.

How To Start a Nursing Home Abuse Case:

If you or a loved one has fallen victim of nursing home abuse and are ready to receive help, follow these simple steps to begin your path to recovery and potential compensation:

  1. Fill out our form with your information
  2. Set up your free consultation
  3. Meet with our Personal Injury nursing home abuse team
  4. Discuss your potential case
  5. Discuss your next steps

Protecting Your Loved Ones Against Abuse in Beaumont, California

If you or someone you know has suffered from nursing home abuse in Beaumont or elsewhere in Southern California, do not wait to seek help. Contact MLG today for a free consultation with our experienced Beaumont, CA, nursing home abuse lawyers. Let us stand by your side and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Together, we can put an end to nursing home abuse and protect our most vulnerable citizens. Our strong approach to advocacy allows us to provide the support and representation necessary to protect the rights of the elderly and promote their safety and welfare. Protecting the elderly from abuse is a real concern and MLG is prepared to aggressively pursue compensation in civil court if your loved one has been a victim.

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