Community and Legal Issues Clinic (Virtual)

Providing information on pressing issues including Evictions, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Mental Health

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McCune Wright Arevalo (MWA), in association with Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE), brings the Virtual Community Legal and Issues Clinic, hosted by Joseph Richardson, Esq. The Clinic is a resource designed to benefit communities of color in the Inland Empire Southern California area, with a stated goal of providing information to citizens in important areas with potential legal ramifications. Lawyers and other professionals will present on subjects including Employment, Criminal, Family Law, Evictions, and Mental Health, and the presented information will include identification of existing community resources and guidance for related follow up. Regular discussions between attorney Joseph Richardson of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP and area pastors confirmed the need for such an event in the community. MWA expects the Clinic to be the first of many such events providing valuable information to the community on issues of concern.

Co-Sponsored by:

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Schedule of Event

10:00am – 10:35amEmployment LawJoe Richardson, Esq.
McCune Wright Arevalo
10:40am – 11:10amLandlord, Tenant, & LitigationBrad Baldwin
Law Office of James M. Blucker
11:15am – 11:35amEviction InformationLinda Jackson
Inland Empire Resource Center
11:40am – 12:10amFamily LawKamola Gray, Esq.
Chung and Ignacio
12:15am – 12:35pmMental Health
Jonathan Buffong
San Bernardino County
Department of Behavioral Health
12:40pm – 1:00pmNon-Lawyer Legal
Kymberly S. Lewis
ProSe Legal, Inc.
1:05pm – 1:35pmCriminal LawDerrick Smith, Esq.
San Bernardino County
Public Defender’s Office
Wrap Up

About the Sponsors

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP:

Over 30 years, McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP has a deep history of success for its clients, including a $203 million verdict against Wells Fargo Bank, recovery of over $1 billion for its clients, and over 100 contingency cases with recovery of $1 million or more. MWA maintains California offices throughout Southern California, including Ontario and San Bernardino. Most recently, MWA added a Racial and Economic Justice Practice Group to address Income and Wealth disparity Issues in communities of color through litigation, advocacy, and community contact with area leaders and influencers.

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement:

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) is a 501(c)3 faith-based organization, established in 2000 by a core group of pastors, and led by Pastor Samuel Casey. COPE’S mission is to “train and develop the capacity of religious and lay leaders in congregations and across the Inland Empire to protect and revitalize the communities in which they live, work, and worship.” The formation of the organization was an outgrowth of a listening campaign with African American clergy, laity, and community outreach ministries in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties who wanted to see meaningful change in their communities.

Information on Featured Speakers

Employment Law: Joe Richardson, Esq.

Partner at McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP

Portrait of Joseph L. Richardson, Partner of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP

Joseph Richardson, Esq., a partner at McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, leads the Racial and Economic Justice Practice Group, using litigation and advocacy to fight practices that result in racial inequality, particularly in the workplace and the consumer/small business marketplace. Joe’s employment practice focuses on individuals and groups who have been wrongfully terminated, retaliated, and discriminated against, as well as those who suffer unequal treatment (including as to wages) by employers. Joe is a frequent public speaker on legal and ethical responsibility, leadership, civil rights, and today’s fronts in the search for justice.

Landlord, Tenant, & Litigation: Brad Baldwin Esq.

Associate at Law Office of James M. Blucker

Brad Baldwin, Associate at Law Office of James M. Blucker

Mr. Baldwin is a Provisionally Licensed Lawyer who has been with Law Office of James M. Blucker since 2016.  Prior to that, he worked within the legal and education field for many years. He first got his start in the legal realm by volunteering his time for Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County at the Pomona Superior Courthouse, a self-help center. He assisted self-represented litigants with responses to unlawful detainers, family law issues relating to divorce, custody and child support, domestic violence restraining orders, and civil harassment petitions.   Mr. Baldwin’s practice at Blucker Law includes Landlord/Tenant Services. As part of this, knowledge related to evictions, including notices, Unlawful Detainer proceedings, is crucial.  He is particularly knowledgeable on the details and ramifications of the recent statement eviction moratorium in California, and where things stand for landlords and tenants with the onset of 2021. 

Evictions: Linda Jackson

Executive Director, Inland Empire Resource Center

Linda Jackson, Executive Director, Inland Empire Resource Center

Linda Jackson is a San Bernardino County resident for over twenty years. Ten plus years ago, with passion and benevolence in her heart and a background in escrow and real estate, Linda began helping members of her church who experienced trouble with their mortgages at her kitchen table. Linda’s insight motivated her to build long-term relationships with the local churches to provide opportunities for families to move toward achieving their “American Dream.”

Family Law: Kamola Gray, Esq.

Associate at Chung & Ignacio, LLP

Kamola Gray, Esq.

Kamola L. Gray is a native of Riverside, CA. After high school, she attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA and Seattle University School of Law in Seattle, WA. Ms. Gray has been practicing since 2003 and has worked on a range of cases in many areas of law. At Chung & Ignacio, LLP, Ms. Gray focuses solely on family law matters, including divorce and child custody.

Mental Health: Jonathan Buffong

Mental Health Education Consultant at San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health

Jonathan Buffong, Mental Health Education Consultant for the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health

Jonathan Buffong is a product of the best the Inland Empire has to offer. He is a Mental Health Education Consultant for the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health and works in the Office of Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services. He enjoys training on diverse topics and engaging with the community of San Bernardino on increasing behavioral health practices. He will address the importance of being able to recognize warning signs and symptoms of someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.

Legal Services: Kymberly S. Lewis

Supervising Paralegal at ProSe Legal

Kymberly S. Lewis co-founder of ProSe Legal, Inc.

Kymberly Lewis has had a passion for providing services related to diverse communities, as well as disadvantaged communities. She brings this passion to a new venture, ProSe Legal, Inc., which provides document preparation services for individuals in Family Law, Wills and Trusts, business formation, and immigration.

Criminal Law: Derrick Smith, Esq.

Supervising Deputy Public Defender in San Bernardino County

Derrick Smith, Esq. Supervising Deputy Public Defender of San Bernardino County

Derrick Smith is Supervising Deputy Public Defender in San Bernardino County, who has tried cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. He will discuss the role of the public defender, and share information on criminal law issues of prime importance to citizens, including surviving police contacts and criminal record expungements.

If you have general questions in any of the above areas that you would like to have addressed during the clinic, please email them to us at


The Clinic will provide general information only and the information provided is intended as a general roadmap in certain subject areas. Both as to information provided and questions answered in this public forum, the information given will not constitute legal advice, as specific cases and facts can vary. No exchange during the event will trigger the attorney-client privilege. We recommend specific, private follow up with an attorney for legal advice specific to your issue.

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