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The human brain is the most intricate, complex object in the known universe, and a traumatic injury to the brain can be one of the most devastating events a person might endure. Although modern medicine has made great improvements in its ability to treat the effects of traumatic brain injuries, suffering such an injury still has the power to drastically impair an individual’s cognitive functions for many years, making them unable to work, communicate, or perform day-to-day activities. Brain injuries can also result in decades of expensive medical bills while being a persistent source of pain and suffering.

Even the mildest type of injury to the brain can have lifelong consequences. McCune Law Group, LLC has handled dozens of brain injury cases. Experienced legal representation is available for those who have suffered brain injuries, and the experienced attorneys at McCune Law Group are committed to recovering maximum compensation on behalf of injured victims and their families across the Inland Empire region.

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Common Scenarios Involving Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are generally caused when an individual’s head is violently struck or penetrated, resulting in damage to the brain. In many cases, these injuries would not have occurred but for the negligent, reckless, or intentional act of a liable party.

Scenarios in which we have frequently seen traumatic brain injuries include:

As soon as you begin working with an Ontario traumatic brain injury lawyer at McCune Law Group, we will immediately step into action to fully investigate the events leading to your injury to build the best possible case for liability against all defendants.

The Cost of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Although not all traumatic brain injuries persist indefinitely, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 43% of those who suffer a traumatic brain injury are still recovering from their injuries one year after the event.

According to the CDC, the common, ongoing effects of traumatic brain injury include damages to:

  • Cognitive functions (e.g. memory, focus, etc.)
  • Emotional health (e.g. depression, aggression, etc.)
  • Hearing
  • Motor function
  • Perception and touch
  • Vision

As your legal team, we will work with your medical providers and other experts to fully assess your damages and needs over your lifetime to win the maximum recovery that you are owed under personal injury law.

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