Ontario Construction Accident Lawyers

We’re Committed to Helping Injured Construction Workers in the Inland Empire

Construction sites can be dangerous places, involving heavy machinery, power tools, heights, electricity, and other potential hazards. Workers and even passersby may be seriously injured if a piece of equipment malfunctions, scaffolding is improperly constructed, or a worker is careless. In these situations, an Ontario construction accident lawyer can offer much-needed guidance and help.

McCune Law Group represents clients injured in construction site accidents across the Inland Empire and throughout the surrounding communities. We know how to deal with workers’ compensation and personal injury cases related to these incidents and will use our considerable experience to strategically, aggressively approach each case.

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Why Construction Site Accidents Occur

A construction accident may have varying causes, depending on the situation. Worker inexperience or carelessness can cause a serious accident, as can a defective tool or piece of machinery. Negligent implementation of safety requirements or inadequate safety equipment can also cause harm.

Our Ontario construction accident attorneys handle cases involving:

  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Electrocution and other electrical injuries
  • Exposure to hazardous materials or toxins
  • Falls from ladders, scaffolding, and other heights
  • Fires and explosions
  • Heavy equipment malfunction
  • Trench collapses

It will be important to determine what caused your accident, as this may influence the type of benefits or compensation you can pursue.

Serving Ontario & Surrounding Areas for Over 30 Years

For over three decades, our firm has been serving the injured and the families of those who have lost their lives in serious accidents. Construction accidents are an important part of our practice, and we are fully committed to securing fair compensation under workers’ compensation or through personal injury lawsuits to help our clients put their lives back together.

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