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In today’s market, consumers rely on countless products to meet their daily needs. Whether it’s a household appliance, a vehicle, or a child’s toy, we expect products to be safe and effective. However, there are instances when products fail to meet these expectations, posing risks to consumers’ safety and well-being. Understanding your rights as a consumer when dealing with defective products is crucial. In this post, we’ll explore what constitutes a defective product, the types of defects, and most importantly, your rights as a consumer when faced with such a situation. 

Defining Defective Products 

A defective product is any item that does not perform as expected or poses a danger to the user due to flaws in design, manufacturing, or inadequate warnings. These defects can lead to injuries, property damage, or even fatalities in severe cases. It’s essential to recognize the several types of defects: 

  1. Design Defects: These occur when a flaw in the product’s design makes it inherently dangerous, regardless of how well it’s manufactured. For example, a vehicle with a design flaw that causes it to roll over easily. 
  2. Manufacturing Defects: These defects occur during the manufacturing process, leading to individual products deviating from the intended design. This could include a batch of medicine contaminated with the wrong ingredient. 
  3. Marketing Defects: Also known as “failure to warn,” these defects arise when a product lacks proper instructions or warnings about potential dangers associated with its use. For instance, a household cleaner that doesn’t include warnings about harmful chemical reactions. 

Know Your Rights 

As a consumer, you are entitled to certain rights and protections when dealing with defective products: 

  1. Right to Safety: Consumers have the right to expect that the products they purchase are safe when used as intended. 
  2. Right to Compensation: If a defective product causes harm or damages, consumers have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. 
  3. Legal Recourse: Consumers can pursue legal action against the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer responsible for the defective product. This may involve filing a product liability lawsuit to hold the responsible parties accountable. 
  4. Product Recalls: In cases where a product poses a significant risk to consumers, manufacturers may issue a recall to remove the product from the market and prevent further harm. 

Product Liability Frequently Asked Questions: 

What should I do if I discover that a product I purchased is defective?

If you find that a product you purchased is defective, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. Primarily, discontinue use of the product immediately to prevent any further harm. Document the details of the incident, including when and where you purchased the product, the nature of the defect, and any injuries or damages it caused. Preserve the product, packaging, and any related documentation, as these may serve as evidence in a potential legal case. Seek medical attention if the defect resulted in injuries.

Yes, you may be able to hold various parties legally responsible for injuries caused by a defective product. Depending on the circumstances, potential defendants could include the product manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or even the designer. Under product liability laws, these parties have a legal duty to ensure that the products they sell are safe for consumers to use. If a product is found to be defective and causes harm, you may pursue a product liability lawsuit to hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries and losses.

The time limit, or statute of limitations, for filing a defective product lawsuit varies by state and depends on the specific circumstances of your case. In general, however, it’s crucial to act promptly if you believe you have a valid claim. Delaying legal action could result in the loss of your right to seek compensation.

If an injury occurred due to a design defect, manufacturing defect, improper instruction, a lack of instruction, false advertisement, or another product issue, the manufacturer is liable. Claims may not be made by those injured from deliberately using the product in a way not intended to be used or to those who exercised a lack of care.

How to Start Your Product Liability Case 

Finding the right Product Liability attorney is crucial to ensuring you receive the appropriate legal representation and compensation for your case. Contacting an Product Liability Attorney from MLG ensures that your interests will be represented. Here are five steps to help you contact a qualified attorney:     

  1. Step 1: Research and Gather Information – Before reaching out, gather all relevant information about your case. This includes details about the incident and information about any other parties involved. Take note of the date, time, and location of the incident.     
  2. Step 2: Visit the McCune Law Group Website – Navigate to the official MLG website. Look for a “Contact Us” or “Free Consultation” section. This is where you will find the necessary details to initiate contact to find a Product Liability Attorney from MLG.     
  3. Step 3: Call or Complete the Form for Initial Consultation – Use the phone number provided or online form to contact our team of Product Liability Attorneys. You may find it helpful to prepare a summary of your case before making the call or completing the form. This will ensure you provide essential details of the case efficiently.     
  4. Step 4: Schedule a Free Consultation – Request a free consultation to discuss your case in detail. We offer free initial consultations to assess the viability of your case. During this meeting, you can share the specifics of your situation, ask questions, and get a better understanding of how our attorneys can assist you in a lawsuit.     
  5. Step 5: Prepare for the Consultation – Before the scheduled consultation, organize all relevant documents and be prepared to articulate the details of your case clearly. This will help the attorney assess the merits of your case more effectively. During the consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the legal process, potential outcomes, and our approach to product liability lawsuits.     

Trial-Tested Lawyers with Decades of Experience 

Encountering a defective product can be a frightening and frustrating experience. However, understanding your rights as a consumer is crucial in such situations. By recognizing the types of defects, knowing your rights, and taking appropriate action, you can protect yourself and hold accountable those responsible for the harm caused. If you believe you’ve been harmed by a defective product, don’t hesitate to seek a Product Liability Attorney from MLG. We have decades of experience and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for victims across the Inland Empire and the United States who have been injured and damaged by defective products.  

To learn more about product liability cases, contact McCune Law Group by completing the form or calling (909) 345-8110 today for a free consultation!  

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