MLG Helps Secure $6 Billion for Clients in “Largest MDL in U.S. History” Against 3M 

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MLG, in concert with attorneys and law firms from around the country in the MLG Helps Secure $6 Billion for Clients in “Largest MDL in U.S. History” Against 3M  (MDL) in United States history, has successfully secured a settlement from multi-national corporate giant 3M. This massive litigation brought claims from nearly 234,000 military service members, veterans, and individuals who were employed on military bases nationwide and worldwide alleging that 3M’s government-contracted combat earplugs were defective, resulting in widespread tinnitus and hearing loss. 

3M Settlement is a Huge Success for Veterans and Their Families 

MLG Attorney Michele Vercoski represented hundreds of military service members and veterans in this matter over the past five years. 3M’s earplugs were theoretically protected by government immunity as a product which was approved by the U.S. government. However, the 3M leadership was able to prove that 3M knew about the defects in their earplugs and misled the government to obtain a contract, rendering their immunity null and void. In fact, in 2018, 3M faced legal action from the Department of Justice (DOJ) itself over inaccuracies and deceptive information, resulting in a $9.1 million trial verdict awarded to the DOJ. Now, military members across the country have their chance to attain justice. Vercoski was very pleased to offer this opportunity to her clients.  

MLG Continues to Represent Millions Across the Nation  

This settlement is a huge success for both Vercoski and MLG, which has spent more than 30 years fighting for consumer rights against large corporations. However, Vercoski’s work is not done. Settlement amounts per client have yet to be determined in what may take many months. MLG clients in this matter are highly encouraged to provide all relevant documentation promptly; including medical records related to their tinnitus or hearing loss, Active Duty Record, Certificate of Veterans’ Administration Record, and DD214. Failure to provide documentation quickly could result in delayed settlement funds or refusal from the Court to issue any funds at all. “I wanted to get justice for these clients as quickly as possible,” states Vercoski, “The leadership in this MDL was some of the best I’d ever had the pleasure of working with.” 

Pursuing Justice Through Strength 

MLG Attorneys have served the good people of the Inland Empire and across the nation in all areas of complex litigation matters. We have fought for the injured and for those who have lost loved ones due to negligence and wrongdoing. We have gone up against Fortune 500 companies – and won. Because of this dedication to integrity and justice, our team has built a well-earned reputation as a significant member of the legal community and has obtained large verdicts and settlements, recovering over $1 billion for our clients alone, on top of clients represented in this matter. Our attorneys are known for getting results.  

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