McCune Law Group (MLG) Investigating Need for Lawsuit Over Google Play Gift Card Breach of Contract

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Since the advent of smart phones, Google and Apple have jockeyed for supremacy in the mobile phone and applications industries. If a consumer decided an Apple product was not for them, they’d find a comparable smart phone option in Android products. In fact, Android leads the global mobile phone market with 71 percent. With an Android phone comes access to the extensive selection of mobile applications on the Google Play store. However, Google Play store gift cards may prove to be more trouble than they’re worth, according to several complaints. MWA is investigating the possibility of bringing a lawsuit over the allegedly unfair practices surrounding Google Play gift cards.

Why is MLG Investigating Bringing a Lawsuit Against Google Play?

According to claims, Google has made it difficult or even impossible for gift card recipients to redeem the available funds on their gift cards. Allegedly, the tech giant required consumers to provide excessive amounts of documentation proving the authenticity of their gift cards before they could use them. While some were finally able to use the card after a rigorous process, others were still denied access to the funds even after providing documentation. For these consumers, Google allegedly pocketed the money on the gift card without refund.

How Does This Affect Me?

With a significant number of Americans only able to purchase applications through Google Play, preventing consumers from redeeming their fairly purchased gift cards is a major violation of their rights. Not only is the allegedly excessive documentation process unfair, Google’s alleged policy of not refunding rejected gift cards to the purchaser is nothing short of theft.

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