The Most Common Water Contaminants in the United States

Drinking water with common water contaminants

Water is the basis of life. Without potable water, humans cannot survive more than a few days. Water cleaning and purification saved millions of lives all over the globe from harmful, naturally-occurring microbes. However, with the growth of industry, came even more contaminants polluting our clean water supplies. Find out which common water contaminants may be making it into your body below.

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

One of the most common water contaminants in the United States is PFAS. PFAS are synthetic chemicals with a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications such as packaging, firefighting foam, and more. Because PFAS are entirely manmade, they take decades to decompose if they enter the environment. In fact, these chemicals are so prolific that most adults in the country currently have PFAS contaminants in their body. Complaints allege excessive exposure to PFAS as contaminants in drinking water can lead to some common health concerns. These may include kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid disease, higher risk pregnancies, and more.

Agricultural Runoff from Pesticides

Pesticides are a scientific marvel that allowed farmers to save their crops from plague. This increased the number of people who could be fed by a single farm. Though they have merits, corporate farms have over-used pesticides or used increasingly toxic pesticides for decades. These pesticides can contaminate water sources via runoff following a rain or irrigation. Depending on the pesticides used, residents in the surrounding area may allegedly suffer from birth defects, cancer, or even neurological disease like Parkinson’s Disease.

Trichloroethylene (TCE), Perchloroethylene (PCE), and Trichloroethane (TCA)

TCE, PCE, and TCA are some of the most common water contaminants dating back several decades. These chemicals are commonly used in industrial cleaning solutions and processes like dry cleaning. Despite their specialized uses, TCE, PCE, and TCA found their way into groundwater wells across the country by the late 20th century, contaminating water sources for many cities. These chemicals are extremely volatile. Exposure may result in the development of cancer, cardiac defects, leukemia, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Litigating Over the Dangers of Common Water Contaminants Nationwide

Corporations have a responsibility to consumers to safely manage the dangerous chemicals they may use in their processes. Unfortunately, too often, corporations recklessly allow chemicals to contaminate the environment, causing harm to wildlife and residents in the region, with impunity. The Environmental attorneys of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, aim to hold these companies responsible for their actions in defense of our natural environment and the health of our citizens.

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