Sexual Assault and Battery Lawsuit Against Social Media Influencer Tony Lopez and The Hype House LLC

Screenshot of the Complaint Against Tony Lopez and The Hype House, LLC for Sexual Battery and Negligence

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Experiencing sexual assault and harassment is perhaps one of the most dehumanizing moments of a person’s life, especially if that person is underage. Unfortunately, it happens all too often over the internet with the advent of so many social media platforms where young people can connect. When a minor is accosted by a figure the victim looked up to, the action becomes even more unconscionable. We are currently pursuing a lawsuit against the TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter star Tony Lopez of the famous social media content creator team, The Hype House, over allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls.

With more than 23 million followers on his accounts and over one billion likes, Lopez has a massive fanbase of mostly women and girls on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. The two plaintiffs currently making these claims of sexual misconduct have noted they were open with Lopez regarding their ages, but that the social media influencer did not seem to care and continued his conduct via social media platforms.

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According to the complaint, Lopez allegedly dazzled his fans in private messages with his wealth and fame and lulled them into a false sense of security by offering innocent praise and conversation. Afterwards, the TikTok star would allegedly request the fan’s Snapchat username and use the platform’s disappearing messaging function to send illicit messages and photos while pressuring them to do the same. The plaintiffs claim there are reports of at least three other underage victims of his sexual harassment and that some reports state Lopez would invite minors to The Hype House mansion where he would lay the groundwork to sexually harass or assault them.

Claims of Sexual Assault and Harassment Begin to Surface

In February of 2020, several followers of Lopez on Twitter began to claim they possessed lewd photos of the star. Lopez responded by stating he was a victim of a “catfish” – a person who creates a fake identity online to deceive others. However, pressure continued to build as more claims surfaced of fans having evidence of Lopez’s sexual misconduct. The desperate star tweeted an apology in August of 2020 claiming that behavior was a result of his inexperience in the entertainment industry and poor decision-making and that he would put it behind him. According to the plaintiffs of this lawsuit, Lopez has continued his conduct since the February claims first surfaced.

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Led by partner Michele Vercoski, the attorneys at McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP are focused on addressing the sexual harassment and assault on social media, in schools, participating at organized events and in the workplace – especially when the victim is underage.  McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP has a deep history of success for those who have been victimized by others’ negligence or malice. With a $203 million verdict and over 100 settlements or verdicts over $1 million, we are proud to be on your side during such a painful, complicated time as when you file a lawsuit as a result of sexual harassment, abuse or assault.

We hope to continue to piece together the whole picture of this horrific case by adding testimonies to our plaintiffs’ claims. Our goal is to ensure all those victimized by The Hype House and Tony Lopez receive legal justice.

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