Investigation Finds VA Nursing Home to Be One of the Nation’s Worst

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“Blatant Disregard” for Safety at the Department of Veterans Affairs Nursing Home in Brockton

Staff members of the Department of Veterans Affairs assisted living facility in Brockton, Massachusetts, have been rated as some of the nation’s worst. A recent investigation reports multiple accounts of “blatant” disregard for patient safety and basic care standards, such as:

  • Sleeping staff members (including nurses, aides, etc.)
  • Failure to provide clear, potable water at night
  • Failing to check on veterans/residents regularly enough
  • Failure to fill oxygen tanks as often as necessary
  • Failure to properly clean and sanitize areas soiled by bodily fluids
  • Failure to adequately address veterans’ known mental health concerns

The investigation was initiated after a whistleblower (Licensed practical nurse Patricia Labossiere) came forward to report the unacceptably poor care being administered to veterans. During the investigation the Office of Special Counsel mandated that the VA Office of Medical Inspector conduct a thorough investigation of the claims that veterans at Brockton are (according to special counsel Henry Kerner) “routinely receiving substandard care.”

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