Jury Awards $590,000 in Negligence Case Litigated by McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP

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A California Jury recently awarded $590,000 in a suit litigated by McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, which accused a doctor and a hospital of causing an unborn baby’s death after an order for an emergency C-section was delayed. The jury ultimately cleared the physician of medical malpractice but found the hospital guilty of negligence.

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San Antonio Regional Hospital

A San Bernardino Superior Court jury found that two nurses at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, California were negligent in their duties to patient Denise Cundari following a three-week trial on November 1st. In a suit against the hospital, Dr. Mark Alwan, and others, Cundari alleged that her baby died after hospital staff failed to monitor the fetal heart rate of her unborn child and schedule an emergency C-section. The suit also claimed that Cundari suffered a postnatal infection as a result of the hospital’s negligence.

While the jury found that Alwan was not at fault, they awarded sums totaling almost $65,000 for medical expenses and $575,000 for lost income and noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering due to the negligence of the nurses. Kristy M. Arevalo said in a statement that, “We are very pleased that we were able to get justice for our client, Denise Cundari, and that San Antonio Regional Hospital will now be forced to take responsibility for Ms. Cundari’s injuries and the death of her baby, Abigayle Joycelyn.”

Arevalo also noted that if the baby hadn’t died seconds before being born, she may have been able to recover other compensation as well. “If Abigayle had taken just one breath outside of the womb, Ms. Cundari would have been entitled to wrongful death damages,” she stated. “However, under the law we determined that she was entitled to emotional distress damages for the death of her baby even though she was not entitled to wrongful death damages.”

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