Should I File a CA Auto Accident Lawsuit If Both Parties Have Insurance?

Rear End Car Accident

It’s hard to get through a day in Southern California without witnessing at least one accident on our jam-packed freeways and roads. Not all auto accidents lead to a lawsuit, of course. This can be due to the fact that the damage was minor, or that neither party was at fault in causing the accident. Sometimes, parties do not think to file a lawsuit because both drivers have insurance, but this is not always a correct strategy to take, at least not if one party was at fault and the other party wishes to receive what they are truly owed by the at-fault party. Here are a few reasons why.

An Offer of an Insurance Payout Is Just That

If another driver and/or his insurer is offering to pay you a certain amount of money after your accident, this is a relatively reliable sign that the driver and/or the insurer knows the driver is at fault for causing the accident. But you should not assume that the insurer’s offer represents the full amount of what you are owed under the law.

Insurers, of course, make profits by taking in premiums and limiting the amount of money they pay out, however possible. One way insurers often do this is by attempting to get injured parties to accept quick offers of settlement before those parties speak to a lawyer. The hope is that the injured party will accept and thereby give up his or her right to a full settlement or verdict for damages via legal action.

An offer of a settlement by another driver’s insurance company is just that: an offer. And you do not have to accept it.

Talk to an Attorney About Your True Damages

If you have sustained injury in an automobile accident, it is worth it to speak to an experienced auto accident attorney in your area who can advise you on the full amount of damages that you might be entitled to in a settlement or verdict, which takes into consideration your lifetime medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of income, along with your likelihood of proving fault and any fault you might have played.

Not all auto accident attorneys have the same experience, and some are simply obtaining quick cash settlements that are not much better than you would get on your own, so take your time to find an attorney who you trust and who has a demonstrated record of success in recovering maximum compensation for car accident victims in your area.

Speak to an Attorney About Your CA Auto Accident

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Our attorneys are ready to speak with you about your California automobile accident. When you contact us, we will schedule a time for a free, confidential consultation between you and an experienced member of our personal injury team to discuss the circumstances of your auto accident, whether you might have a personal injury case and your likelihood of return, and what we can do to help. Contact us today to get your auto accident recovery process started.

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