What Can I Expect During a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney?

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Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation with injury victims who are potentially interested in that attorney’s service. Although an attorney will always provide “consultation” with a client throughout representation, the purpose of this initial consultation is for both the attorney and potential client to get to know each other and understand the facts at issue to determine: 1) whether the attorney is in a position to represent that client going forward, and 2) whether the client feels comfort and confidence with that attorney to handle their personal injury suit.

This should not be a hard sales pitch by an attorney but rather a discussion about whether the attorney and client are a good fit on the particular matter. Here are a few main topics of discussion you can expect in a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.

A Discussion of the Events Surrounding the Injury

An attorney will want to understand the events leading up to your injury in order to make an initial assessment of whether there is a liable defendant who either caused your injury as the result of a breach of a legal duty, or is vicariously liable for a defendant who did. As part of this discussion, the attorney may inquire about whether there is additional evidence beyond your own account to support a claim of negligence, such as police reports, eyewitnesses, and physical and medical evidence.

The attorney will also likely inquire into the extent of losses you have suffered and/or will suffer, including a discussion of your medical costs, the impact of the injury on your ability to earn income, pain and suffering you have experienced, and other costs.

An Initial Assessment of Options and Likelihood of Success

Based on the facts provided by you, the attorney will give at least a preliminary assessment of your legal options in pursuing a claim as well as your likelihood of success. This can include a discussion of the type of process that might be involved in pursuing recovery – i.e. negotiating with defendants for a settlement or filing a lawsuit – and a range of potential recoveries.

It is here that the attorney will likely also discuss whether he or she is currently in a position to represent you in your claim. If not, the attorney may provide a reference to another attorney who can.

An Overview of What the Representation Will Entail

If the attorney is in a position to represent you, then there will be a discussion of what the attorney will agree to do on your behalf in representing as well a discussion of the agreement you will have with that attorney. Many personal injury attorneys represent personal injury victims on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney will charge no upfront legal fee and will only take a legal fee as part of a winning recovery.

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