Car Accidents in Parking Structures: Who’s Liable?

Inside a Parking Structure

Your typical Southern California parking structure might be an architectural wonder or eyesore based on your perspective, but it is also a hotbed of potential accidents and injuries. With hundreds of cars and pedestrians moving through them at all angles, directions, and speeds, it is no wonder that the National Safety Council estimates that there are 50,000 accidents every year occurring in parking garages and structures. Over 60,000 are injured and 500 people die annually on average from car accidents in garages and structures, and the National Safety Council points to distracted driving as a major cause of these accidents, with many drivers feeling it is okay to be on their phones or otherwise inattentive while in the confines of the structure. The injuries for victims of such accidents are just as real and costly, however, making a personal injury lawsuit necessary for many victims to win the compensation they deserve.

Establishing Negligence in a Parking Structure Accident

Car accidents in parking structures are treated similarly to other vehicular accidents in California in that the injured victim will need to present evidence that 1) the defendant acted negligently by failing to act reasonably under the circumstances, and 2) the victim was injured as a result of the defendant’s unreasonable actions.

Because people may be walking, pushing strollers, driving, or even riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or a skateboard in a parking structure, there are many different types of parties that could be injured by a careless driver’s actions.

Common ways that drivers injure victims in parking structures that could form the basis for a successful personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Going faster than posted speed limits (many structures suggest or mandate 5 MPH speed limits)
  • Not allowing pedestrians the right of way in crossing traffic
  • Driving outside the posted lines of traffic (e.g. driving over multiple parking spots or in pedestrian walks)
  • Distracted driving, including talking on cellphones or texting
  • Not paying attention to other drivers or pedestrians when backing out of a spot or driving through the structure
  • Driving out of the structure without headlights on

Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident in a parking structure to begin the process of collecting evidence to prove fault in your matter.

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