Plane Crash Destroys Several Riverside Homes, Kills Two

Crashed Plane

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating a deadly plane crash in Riverside that occurred Monday when a six-seater Cessna crashed into a residential house, destroying that home and another home, while damaging others in the area. Three passengers on board the plane died in the crash, while two women who were on the plane managed to survive the crash. No one in the destroyed homes or elsewhere on the ground lost their life in the catastrophic accident.

The Cessna Was en Route from Disneyland to San Jose

According to reports, there were five people in the six-seat, twin engine Cessna 610 which crashed shortly after it had taken off from the nearby Riverside airport. The group was returning to San Jose after visiting Disneyland for a cheerleading conference. At least one of the three passengers who died in the crash was a teenager. Two women who survived the crash appear to have been in their mid-30s to mid-40s and were pulled from the home into which the plane had crashed. No one was home in that house, and another man appears to have safely escaped from the other home that went up in flames after the crash occurred.

As of Tuesday morning, Firefighters were still looking through other homes in the surrounding areas to make sure there were no other victims. Footage from the crash scene showed that wreckage and debris from the plane was scattered up and down the street and a propeller was spotted on top of a house in the area.

A Witness Reported Trouble in Taking Off

The crash occurred at 4:41 PM Monday afternoon about half of a mile from the Riverside Airport at Central and Streeter Avenues. According to KTLA 5, a cafe owner at the Riverside Airport reported that the operator of the plane had difficulty in getting the plane to start and that it had taken three attempts before the plane successfully started.

Although large commercial airliner crashes get the most attention in the press, researchers indicate that 97% of aviation fatalities occur in non-commercial crashes such as this one, and that approximately 500 persons die in small plane crashes each year.

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