I-10 Considered One of Nation’s Most Deadly Interstates

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Of the three major interstates that traverse California’s Inland Empire – I-15, I-40, and I-10 – the I-10, or “The Ten” as it is often referred to in California, has the unfortunate distinction of being named one of the ten most deadly interstates in America, according to a recent analysis of crash data per mile conducted by an auto insurance firm. This may seem like unsurprising news to those of us who travel I-10 on a daily basis and see the devastating auto collisions that are unfortunately a regular part of life in Southern California, but it is confirmation that the I-10 is as dangerous as it seems. Furthermore, this is not the first time the I-10 has earned the dubious distinction as one of the most dangerous highways in the country.

The I-10 Saw More Than 2000 Deaths Between 2010-2015

According to a study conducted by Everquote.com, the I-10 is the 7th most dangerous interstate in the country based on the number of car crash fatalities per mile over the years 2010-2015. Notably, of the ten interstates on the list, eight are less than 400 total miles in length, while I-10 runs a total of 2460 miles from Jacksonville, Florida to Santa Monica, California (the other lengthy interstate is I-95 which runs 1926 miles from Miami, Florida to Houghton, Maine).

For the entire stretch, the I-10 averages .85 deaths per mile, meaning that more than 2,000 people died in car crashes on the I-10 during the years of the study, the most of any interstate. The I-95 averaged even higher with .89 deaths per mile, albeit with a lower total number of fatalities. The most dangerous interstate in the country was I-4 which runs from Daytona Beach to Tampa, Florida, which saw 1.41 deaths per mile over its 132 mile stretch.

In a 2013 analysis of the nation’s most dangerous roads conducted by Popular Mechanics, the publication determined that the 150 mile stretch of the I-10 between the California border and Phoenix was in fact the most dangerous road in the country.

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