Questions Raised by the NBC Special Highlighting Dangers of Defective IVC Filters

Questions Raised by the NBC Special Highlighting Dangers of Defective IVC Filters

In September 2015, NBC News aired a very troubling report that reveals that a common medical filter implanted in the “internal vena cava” (“IVC”) can have catastrophic results. The IVC filter is a medical device that is designed to help stop blood clots from forming in the vein known as the “internal vena cava.” If designed, manufactured and used properly, the IVC filter is intended to reduce the serious risks associated with blood clots in the internal vena cava, which is the largest vein in the human body.

Unfortunately, the so-called “Recovery” blood clot filter manufactured by C. R. Bard appears to be defective according to the investigative reporting by NBC News. At least 27 deaths and approximately 300 non-fatal problems have been reported to the government. The spider-shaped device can break apart and send pieces of the filter into the bloodstream. In one fatal incident, the autopsy of the victim showed that instead of stopping the clot, the Recovery IVC filter was actually pushed into the heart by the very blood clot that the device was intended to stop.

How to Protect Yourself from Defective IVC Filters

Despite deaths and serious injuries attributed to the original Recovery IVC filter, Bard has not recalled the Recovery IVC filter. Rather, Bard brought out a modified version, known as the “G2.” However, Bard did sell approximately 34,000 of the purportedly defective Recovery devices over a three year time period, most of which are likely still implanted in unsuspecting patients.

Normally, blood clot filters that are properly designed and manufactured have saved the lives of thousands of Americans. But, if the one and one-half inch long spider-shaped filter is improperly designed and/or improperly manufactured, then the defective device has been shown to do just the opposite. So, if you believe that you or a friend or family member may have had the Bard Recovery IVC filter implanted, then you should immediately check with your health care providers to see whether the Recovery IVC filter was used in your case. If so, you should immediately contact your physician and McCune Wright for more information.

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