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Derek’s Background & Practice History

Derek grew up in the midwest. He started practicing law in 1995 in Chicago, focusing on class action and antitrust litigation. After 10 years in Chicago, Derek moved closer to...

Are All of Your Cases from Southern California?

Derek Brandt handles antitrust cases across the country. He has represented clients in New York, Illinois, Texas, and all over California.

Class Actions & Anti-Trust Law

Derek's area of practice focuses on antitrust litigation and class actions. He represents both individuals and businesses against organizations with unlawful competition practices.

Do Anti-Trust Cases Only Involve Large Companies?

Antitrust cases are not limited to large corporations. They can involve small businesses and individual consumers as well. One of the most important and groundbreaking cases that Derek Brandt and...

How is McCune Law Group Different?

McCune Law Group offers a hands-on approach and client focus that is unique to similar law firms in the Inland Empire.

Is Anti-Trust Law Important?

Antitrust laws are very important because they protect consumers and businesses from unlawful competition practices. Businesses are able to inovate and provide better services and products, and consumers are able...

What Does McCune Law Group Bring to the Table?

Derek Brandt and McCune Law Group are dilligent advocates in the area of antitrust law. When a client comes to them with a problem, they take on that problem as...

Class Action Defined

A class action is a type of lawsuit that allows an individual to bring a case to court that represents a group of people who have been harmed in a...

Why Did Derek Become a Lawyer?

Derek didn't decide to become a lawyer until he finished college. He has always loved to tackle difficult problems and resolve challenging situations.

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