What Does a Lawyer Need to Understand About Product Liability?

A lawyer has to be able to understand the technology. So to do battle, if you will, against a car company, you're going to have to be able to understand the subject matter of what you're litigating as if you are an engineer and we do that certainly by hiring the very best engineers that are available to act as expert witnesses, but they're they don't get to argue to the jury. So if we can't understand what our experts are offering opinions about if we can't have a root almost layperson's understanding. I mean the ability to be able to take a highly technical issue, like for instance in the realm of sudden unintended acceleration the role of source code in that if we can't find a way to distill what is an incredibly complex field into layman's terms to be able to communicate that to a jury, we're not going to be able to effectively represent our clients. So it takes a great deal of knowledge and a great deal of ability to be able to make something sound simple, but that's what we have to do.

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