The Importance of Having an Inland Firm Handling an Inland Empire Case

It is difficult to overstate how important that is. I talked about the Inland Empire being an underserved Community. Well, they're not only an underserved community in the sense of how many lawyers there are, they're also an underserved community in the judiciary. We have a judiciary that is serving an immense population, over taxed but they know the lawyers who are in front of them because they see us day in and day out. A judge sitting over our client's case knows they've seen this attorney before, this attorney is a meaningful part of their community. They've been to conferences, seminars, legal associations. They know us directly, they know us because they've been introduced to us, they know by reputation. They have a known quantity. You can't get that with somebody who's coming in and and driving four hours in to make an appearance in our courtrooms. And I will never accept that that doesn't impact, for the better, our clients results in court.

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