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McCune Law Group is a firm that I started with Richard McCune and shortly into it we added Kristy Arevalo as a partner. We had been practicing together already for six years when we decided to open that firm and I'm intensely proud of it for several reasons. One, its mission. Its mission is one that spoke to me and is why I do what we do. Why do what we do here as my chosen profession within the law which is dedicated to helping people who have been harmed, whether its financial, physical, or otherwise. I'm also intensely proud of McCune Law Group because we serve what I believe is an underserved Community. The Inland Empire has a massive population in a massive area, but often gets overlooked compared to its neighbor counties in Los Angeles and Orange County, and we are a firm that started here, continue to be here, and proudly serve the interests of this community. And then finally, I'm proud of the firm because it is a firm internally that I take a great deal of pride in how we treat our employees, how employees treat us, and the ethic we bring to that I just could not be more proud of it.

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