Transmission “Judder” in 2011-2014 Honda CR-V Vehicles

McCune Law Group, is investigating the need to bring a class action lawsuit related to the transmission judder of 2011-2014 Honda CR-V vehicles. Owners have reported a judder, shudder, or shake stemming from the transmission of the vehicle. According to Honda, “[a] surge, vibration, or judder may be felt while driving under light acceleration.” 

This auto defect could be extremely dangerous when driving on the road, even while at low speeds. A transmission shake or judder could cause steering problems, accidental overcompensation, or transmission shifting issues potentially causing an auto accident.

If you own a 2011-2014 Honda CR-V model and have felt your transmission shake or shudder, contact McCune Law Group, today by calling (866) 557-1233.

Honda Has Offered Only Minor Fixes.

Honda issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB #15-086) providing a software update meant to minimize the possibility of judder occurrence. However, this is only provided at the customer’s request. If the customer is unaware of the dangers associated with driving their Honda CR-V, they will not receive the update. This software update did not offer a complete fix. Honda later issued a second TSB (TSB #17-040) to address the update’s inability to prevent or rectify the transmission judder. 

If the update does not resolve the issue, the torque converter could be damaged and would need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this will only be provided if the vehicle is still covered under Honda’s powertrain warranty. 

Honda also claims transmission fluid breakdown could play a role and has offered transmission fluid changes to Honda CR-V owners. However, Honda once again only provides this service if the customer is still covered under the powertrain warranty.  

If you own a 2011-2014 Honda CR-V and have experienced transmission issues including vibration, shaking, shudder, or judder, please contact McCune Law Group, today by calling (866) 557-1233.

Experienced Auto Liability Attorneys Can Help You.

McCune Law Group, has had decades of experience assisting wronged consumers in their search for justice. When something as valuable as your vehicle experiences potentially dangerous defects, you need a team that will protect you and your family. The auto defect attorneys at MLG have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients and will not stop until our attorneys secure the verdict or settlement you deserve.

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Attorney Handling this Case

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Since leaving the U.S. Attorney’s Office in 2001, he has applied his experience as a prosecutor to successfully litigate numerous defective product cases against some of the nation’s largest corporations. Prior to working at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mr. Wright clerked for the Honorable Stephen S. Trott, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

His training, experience, and trial skills in this specialized field enable him to identify, understand, and present to a jury the difficult and complicated issues of how an accident and injury occurred and how the tragic results could have been avoided by the use of a safer design.

At McCune Law Group, Mr. Wright is the leading Inland Empire attorney that focuses his practice on the representation of clients who have suffered catastrophic injury or the death of a loved one because of a dangerous product.

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