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Sexual harassment has long been a widespread problem throughout American society, with untold numbers of sexual harassment victims being made to feel unsafe, threatened, and prone to abuse. Sadly, only recently has our society woken up to the prevalence, severity, and devastation of the sexual harassment problem, and still today women and men often feel hesitant about coming forward with their claims. The attorneys of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP are on the side of victims of sexual harassment, however, and have the experience, skills, and commitment to do whatever it takes to restore justice and dignity for those who have experienced sexual harassment.

Our attorneys will work with you to address any and all concerns you have concerning sexual harassment both inside and outside of the workplace, which can include pursuing lawsuits against individuals and employers for full financial recovery for your damages, as well as other forms of relief. Sexual harassment should never be tolerated in our society, and our attorneys will take the time to understand your situation in a 100% confidential setting, provide you with a range of options, and, if you have a viable case, fully investigate all potential defendants to win the justice you deserve.

McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP aggressively represents the rights of employees and workers both in California and across the nation in litigation that holds employers accountable for their illegal actions, recovers financial damages for workers, and creates lasting societal change to improve the working conditions of employees everywhere.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment

There are several primary grounds for a successful sexual harassment action under California and federal law, including: 1) so-called quid pro quo harassment, in which another person requests sexual favors from an individual in exchange for a benefit, such as a job or promotion; 2) unwanted sexual advances, including touching, kissing, groping, and attempts to do so; and 3) a hostile environment, where an individual feels unsafe or uncomfortable due to harassing activity. Actions that can constitute sexual harassment include:

  • Physical and verbal sexual advances
  • Unwanted touching and requests for touching
  • Sexual gestures and leering directed at an individual
  • Derogatory and/or offensive jokes and comments
  • Threats and retaliation in response to complaints and refusals
  • Display of obscene or sexual materials

In a sexual harassment suit in the workplace, both the individual who performs the harassing act as well as the employer itself can be liable to the victim for damages, including financial losses (e.g. lost pay and reduced income potential), emotional damages, medical costs (including counseling), and even punitive damages in some cases. Generally, an employer is directly liable when a supervisor commits sexual harassment or when the employer fails to take proper action to prevent or address ongoing sexual harassment. Our attorneys will work with you to understand whether your experience might be the subject of a successful sexual harassment suit – whether it occurs in the workplace or not – which can include gathering further evidence to support your claims.

Compassionate California Sexual Harassment Attorneys

With decades of experience in bringing successful lawsuits against the largest defendants of our time, the attorneys of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP knows what it takes to win. We also understand the fear and confusion that comes from being in an abusive environment, and we stand ready to provide a safe, confidential forum in which we will take your concerns about sexual harassment seriously and provide you with an honest assessment about what strategies we can pursue on your behalf to restore justice and prevent others from having to suffer through the same experience. Contact us today to speak with a team member regarding your situation.

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