Google Play Lawsuit for Gift Card Breach of Contract

While gift cards are a practical and useful gift option for avid Android phone users, Google has demonstrated that a Google Play gift card may not be as easy to use as Google advertises it to be. McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, has filed a class action lawsuit against Google for allegedly denying valid gift card holders the right to redeem their lawfully purchased gift cards.

According to the lawsuit, Google has actively prevented Google Play gift card recipients from redeeming their cards by requiring certain card holders to provide extensive documentation about the card’s purchase. Google has allegedly requested documents such as purchase receipts, and specific information about the when and where the cards were purchased that most card recipients would have no way of providing. Apparently, Google takes this action to root out suspicious gift card activity and fraudulent redemptions. However, Google’s demand for details about the sale of the card act as a barrier to some lawful gift card users, potentially preventing them from accessing their funds at all.  

If you are a Google Play gift card recipient and have struggled to validate or use your card due to Google’s documentation requirements, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact us by completing the form or calling (909) 345-8110.

Gift Card Funds Should Be Yours to Spend

Even in situations when a valid Google Play gift card holder is able to provide all the requested documentation, Google may still deny them the chance to redeem the value on the card, which is what the lawsuit’s plaintiff alleged was his experience.  These allegedly unscrupulous practices and policies are in direct conflict with California’s Gift Card Law which provides that gift cards must be valid until redeemed or replaced, and that existing valid cards are always redeemable for their cash value.

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