MLG Accepting Arbitration Claims Over Unfair Bank Overdraft Fees

Customers nationwide have lost billions to bank overdraft fees

McCune Law Group, (MLG) is accepting arbitration claims against financial institutions across the country for allegedly unfair bank overdraft fees. Utilizing underhanded tactics to maximize the number of fees charged to customers has allegedly become an unfortunate industry-wide practice. MLG is bringing claims to hold these banks accountable and to recover unfairly taken overdraft fees.

If you are a customer of the following banks, sign up to join the lawsuit today!

  • BMO Harris
  • Chase
  • Citizens Bank
  • Consumers Credit Union (Illinois)
  • Go2Bank
  • Key Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Republic Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union

All attorney fees will be collected from your bank in winning cases.

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Has your bank charged you unfair or illegal overdraft fees?


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    NOTE: Only personal (consumer) accounts qualify for this arbitration action. Therefore, please be sure that all answers to the following questions pertain only to the activity in your personal account, not your business account.



    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Unfortunately, your account must have incurred an overdraft fee on an ATM or debit card transaction within the current year to qualify for this action. If that changes, we will reach out to you to see if you are interested. We wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!



    Unfortunately, proof of an overdraft fee is a requirement for joining our Mass Arbitration action at this time. If that changes, we may reach back out to you to see if you are still interested. In the meantime, please feel free to reach back out if you find that you are able to obtain proof of an overdraft fee after all.
    Thank you for considering McCune Law Group. We wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!


    Thank you for taking time to chat today. Unfortunately, if an account was closed due to a negative account balance, we are not able to include it in this arbitration action. If that changes, we may reach back out to to see if you are interested!
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    Thank you for your submission. McCune Law Group is actively investigating several banks and credit unions to determine whether arbitration against these institutions is advisable. If our team determines that your bank or credit union membership makes you eligible for arbitration, we will reach out with any questions we may have about the specific fees you were charged and to discuss the next steps required for McCune Law Group to proceed with filing on your behalf.



    Please note that McCune Law Group will be unable to represent you unless an agreement is signed setting forth the terms of our representation. Thank you for your interest in joining the thousands bringing arbitrations with McCune Law Group! We hope to serve you soon.



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    Fighting Back Against Illegal and Unfair Bank Fees

    Reclaiming Your Hard-Earned Money

    Banks across the country have been using overdraft fees to increase their profits and have attempted to prevent consumers from bringing legal action. Though many bank agreements have arbitration clauses stopping customers from bringing a class action, arbitration can still help you hold your bank accountable for unfair overdraft fees. You may be qualified to arbitrate if:

    • You have been charged an unfair overdraft fee on a debit card purchase or ATM transaction at least once in the past 12 months.
    • You are a current customer of your bank.

    Submit your most recent bank statement to find out if you qualify!

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    Arbitrations Over Bank Overdraft Fees

    McCune Law Group, (MLG) is bringing arbitration claims against financial institutions over unfair and illegal bank overdraft fees. MLG is bringing in 100,000 new clients to bring arbitrations against the dishonest banks. Overdraft fees are responsible for billions of dollars of consumer losses nationwide and are often charged in accordance with unfair bank policies and practices.

    Although many customers may seek a class action against unfair bank overdraft fees, many institutions have implemented an arbitration clause in their account agreement paperwork. This clause, when executed, rescinds a customer’s right to pursue a class action and forces private arbitration instead. The banks that have made this change did so in the hope that it would save themselves from a public court battle and discourage wronged customers from making claims. MLG finds this behavior unacceptable and aims to help victims of unfair bank overdraft fees recover their losses through private arbitration.

    MLG has begun bringing claims against several banks already. If you are a customer of the following institutions, sign up for your arbitration at the links below!

    Not a customer of these banks? Complete the form here to begin bringing your arbitration!

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    Case Results

    $35 Million

    Class Action

    National class action settlement for unfair overdraft fees

    $70 Million

    Class Action

    A national class action settlement for unfair overdraft fees

    $203 Million

    Class Action

    Trial verdict in a class action for unfair bank overdraft fees


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    What is the Arbitration Process Like?

    Arbitration is a private form of dispute resolution in which a claim is brought outside of a courtroom. Rather than a judge, an arbitrator will hear both sides of the argument, decide who is the winner, and will determine the award amount. Each side is encouraged to retain an attorney for the best results. If you choose to retain MLG as your legal representation in your unfair bank overdraft fees claim, we will defend your rights in arbitration at no cost to you. All costs will be charged to your bank if the arbitration is successful.

    Who is Eligible to Make a Claim to Recover Bank Overdraft Fees?

    Unfair bank overdraft fees are an extremely common struggle for Americans nationwide. As such, you may qualify for arbitration without even realizing it! We are accepting claims from customers who:

    • Are currently customers of their bank
    • Have been charged unfair bank overdraft fees on a debit card purchase within the last year.

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    McCune Law Group, (MLG) has a long history of success holding banks and credit unions accountable for their unfair or illegal practices, including a $203 million verdict against Wells Fargo itself. The Financial Services attorneys of MLG believe big banks should never be able to just take their customers’ hard-earned money when they are not legally entitled to collect overdraft fees.

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