Unsuspecting Borrowers Could be Allegedly Tricked into a Private Refinancing Plan, Making Their Student Loans Ineligible for Forgiveness

In 2022, President Biden announced a sweeping student loan forgiveness plan for all federal borrowers, regardless of servicer. Though the forgiveness plan was restricted to borrowers beneath a certain income, it provided much needed relief for millions across the country struggling to grapple with the worldwide pandemic, rising cost of living, cost of education, and skyrocketing interest rates.

Reports claim Navient, which services a quarter of all student loans in the country, has been sending promotional emails to encourage borrowers to refinance their loans into a private program offered by Navient called NaviRefi. For many unsuspecting borrowers this may seem like a way to save money, but in reality it could be an extremely costly decision which forecloses their right to loan forgiveness.

Only Federal Student Loans Through Navient Are Eligible for Forgiveness

If the loan or loans are refinanced into NaviRefi, the loans are no longer eligible for student loan forgiveness as announced by President Biden earlier in the year. By refinancing, the loans are rolled into a single private loan through Navient, regardless of whether the loans were originally federal loans. Reports claim that Navient is trying to maintain profits by keeping borrowers in debt when many could clear their debt entirely. Student loan borrowers nationwide are in desperate need of relief, and these allegedly misleading promotions from Navient could keep many in dire financial straits.

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MLG Offers a Beacon of Hope for Borrowers

A letter written by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley outline the tactic allegedly employed by Navient and question Navient Corporation’s intentions. These claims carry substantial implications for Navient. MLG is standing by to assist anyone who has borrowed from Navient or refinanced through NaviRefi. Student borrowers deal with loan repayments throughout their professional career and sometimes for life. MLG believes that no one should be tricked into a plan that could potentially cost them years of their life repaying a loan.

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