Families Left Reeling After Holbrook Indian School of Seventh-day Adventists Bus Crash

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, students from the Holbrook Indian School of Seventh-day Adventists in Arizona were on a field trip to New Mexico when their school bus was rear-ended by a semi, causing a three-car collision. One student died as a result of the crash and six others are reported to be seriously injured. Parents and families are devastated by their children’s suffering following this incident. This bus crash is nothing short of a tragedy, and McCune Law Group, (MLG) Partners Richard McCune and David Wright feel the suffering of these families keenly. As sons of former Seventh-day Adventist school administrators, they hope the affected families receive the justice and closure they so desperately need.

MLG Deeply Saddened and Hopes to Offer Relief and Guidance

Richard McCune and David Wright, two named Partners of the MLG are saddened to hear about the tragedy at Holbrook Indian School. Richard and David are both sons of Seventh-day Adventist school administrators. In fact, David’s father, Donald E. Wright, was a former principal of Holbrook Indian School. This is especially devastating not only because of the SDA connection, but also because so often these kinds of tragedies can be avoided. David is presently representing more than 20 victims in a catastrophic bus accident that occurred in a remote part of Utah involving loss of life, brain injuries, and other serious injuries sustained by passengers on a bus of the same type as the Holbrook Indian School bus involved in this accident. These buses are known as medium-sized cutaway buses—the most widely available type of bus used in public transportation today. Cutaway buses are built in a series of stages. First, the cab and chassis (called an incomplete vehicle or commercial cutaway) are manufactured and sold to a second manufacturer that builds the body of the bus and attaches it to the chassis.

David is also representing a man that was rendered a quadriplegic in a nearly identical scenario where a semi-truck rear-ended an SUV that had slowed because of traffic conditions. David understands the issues involved, both as to the negligence of the truck driver and potential safety defects or missing safety systems that could have prevented the accident or lessened its severity—on top of 20 years representing victims and their families in catastrophic accidents like this one. 

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