Take back your hard-earned money from greedy big bank CEOs.

Unfair overdraft fees are the most important way big banks like Chase and Wells Fargo make BILLIONS off their customers every year. It’s time to take the fight to them. #fightoverdraftfees

Reclaim Your Money

Banks Laughing at customers expense

You don’t have to put up with shady banks and unfair fees. Fight overdraft fees with MLG!

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    NOTE: Only personal (consumer) null accounts qualify for this arbitration action. Therefore, please be sure that all answers to the following questions pertain only to the activity in your personal account, not your business account.



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    You could be eligible to reclaim your money from predatory banks by filing an arbitration.

    Banks have stolen your money for too long.

    Banks like Wells Fargo and Chase collect billions of dollars per year in revenue – much of that from overdraft fees. In fact, 95 percent of the overdraft fees charged in the United States in 2020, according to the 2021 FinHealth Spend Report, were collected from households that were struggling financially. Your big bank’s CEO doesn’t need that money. You do.

    Fight Overdraft Fees

    Why am I charged overdraft fees?

    Overdraft fees happen when your bank purposefully approves a transaction that you cannot afford, charging you an exorbitant overdraft fee in the process. Though your bank could easily decline the transaction, saving you money in overdraft fees, they instead use your hard-earned money to line their own pockets. McCune Law Group is fighting back against predatory overdraft fees by representing customers of the largest banks in the United States like Wells Fargo and Chase and helping them reclaim their fees at absolutely no cost to the client.

    Fight Overdraft Fees
    Customer losing money to thieving bank
    Richard D. McCune, Founding Partner of McCune Law Group

    For decades, greedy bank CEOs have looked for ways to steal their customers’ hard-earned cash. They thought they had the perfect system with overdraft fees, betting their reputations that customers wouldn’t fight back. MLG is proud to help lead the charge against shady business practices and get your money back.

    Richard McCune, Founder of MLG

    Hold banking giants accountable for shady practices that prey on their customers. 

    Fight Back Against Overdraft Fees

    Don’t let big bank CEOs get away with exploiting their customers as they get richer!

    You work hard for every cent you have. It’s time to fight overdraft fees by holding big bank CEOs accountable.

    Join the Fight Against Overdraft Fees

    How do I know I can get my money back?

    Overdraft fees are usually anywhere between $25.00 to $35.00 charged when you overdraw your account. Often, big banks use shady methods to increase the number of fees they charge their customers. If you have been charged an overdraft fee on a one-time (not a recurring payment) purchase with your debit card or an ATM transaction, you could be eligible to fight your overdraft fees!

    Join the lawsuit

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