What Happens During a Class Action Lawsuit?

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When many people suffer injuries in a similar way, they can file a class action lawsuit against the organization for their alleged harm. Class action lawsuits streamline the court process by turning what could be hundreds of cases into only a few cases. The plaintiff in these cases is a “class” of people who suffer the same harm, which are led by a “class representative.”. Class action lawsuits may relate to consumer fraud, misleading advertising, defective products, or other wrongdoing. In many cases, individuals have a greater chance of successfully pursing their claims against a defendant in a class action.

The Class Action Process

A class action starts when a class representative(s) files the lawsuit. Their name will then appear on the complaint, which starts the lawsuit process. Once the lawsuit begins, people who join the suit are now class members. In some cases, class members may not be aware of the suit since the class action can affect the legal rights of thousands of people. If this is the case, class members could still be eligible for compensation, even if they didn’t actively join the lawsuit. The complaint will also describe the class of individuals who may be eligible to join the lawsuit. Depending on the class action, they may only represent individuals who live in the same state as the person who initiated the complaint, for example.

Making The Process Official

Although the suit may begin as a class action, it is not officially active until a judge rules the class is sufficiently and similarly harmed and has a relationship with the defendant. This is what a class certification is. Once the class has been certified, it is on to discovery. Discovery is when plaintiff attorneys investigate the entity, including searching for relevant documents or information regarding the suit.

The remaining steps include:

  • Resolution of claims through trial or settlement
  • Notifying class members

Many suits settle before they ever go to trial. When a suit settles, the judge will oversee the suit settlement and decide if it provides fair and equal compensation. If the suit does not settle, it will receive a tiral before a jury in court. However the resolution arises, the class members will receive notice about the case, settlement, and an option to opt out.

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