How Do I Report a Dangerous Faulty Product?

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Whether you’ve been a loyal customer of a particular brand for years or you’re just trying one out, it’s likely you place deep trust in the products you purchase either online or in-store to function safely and properly. After all, you’re investing in what that product can offer you – be it convenience, style, or both. While minor defects can be frustrating for consumers, major hazards due to faulty manufacturing could change your life for the worse. According to the advocacy group Kids in Danger, in 2019 a whopping 776 incidents were reported involving children’s products alone. Imagine how many more incidents involve adults using other products. What happens, then, if you come across a dangerously faulty or defective product?

Do Businesses Report Faulty Products?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has strict guidelines for how businesses must handle reports of defective items. These guidelines are so important to the protection of the American consumer that retailers or manufacturers are legally liable if they fail to report an unsafe faulty product to the CPSC, leading to enormous fines or even prison time. The CPSC requires businesses report any information that suggests any of their products are hazardous, whether there are reports of injury or not. What’s more, they must make a report within 24 hours of the information being presented to the business. Although a report to the CPSC by the business does not guarantee a recall will follow, this is the least companies can do to protect their consumers.

Who Can I Report Hazardous Faulty Products To?

Consumers who encounter a dangerous faulty product have a few options for reporting the incident to the proper authorities. Unlike businesses, customers are not mandatory reporters and do not face the same legal repercussions for not reporting. Ultimately, the decision remains with the individual. Too often, it falls to the victims of dangerous faults to report problems with a product. Although it should lay squarely on the shoulders of negligent corporations to report, reporting dangerous products can potentially save lives. Report a faulty product to:

  • The manufacturer or retailer. Again, these companies are mandatory reporters, so notifying the business directly can ensure the proper parties are aware. Besides, the company may be unaware that anything is wrong unless you tell them.
  • The CPSC. If you want to make extra sure the proper parties receive your report, you can always report directly to the head honcho.

What Happens After I Report?

In short, it varies. Company responses to customer complaints can span from radio silence to showering the customer with special offers and apologies. Meanwhile, reporting to the CPSC may not yield much response at all. The CPSC is a major government agency, so it’s unlikely an individual reporter will hear back. However, the agency does keep track of reports and will act if the number of complaints crosses a certain threshold.

Keeping Consumers Safe Across the Country

Once you’ve reported a hazardous faulty product, it may be time to consider how you can recover from your encounter with such a dangerous defect. You don’t have to be alone as you reel from an injury caused by defective items. The Product Liability attorneys of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, will advise you on how you can recoup while holding negligent companies accountable. With over 30 years of successes evidenced by millions reclaimed for wronged consumers, we are ready to fight for you.

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